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In the last issue of the casCADe, we discussed Bentley’s impending SELECTserver Deprecation and advised that McCormick Taylor’s Bentley Software Migration Plan was forthcoming. We are happy to report that the development of the migration plan is complete and included as a part of this edition of the casCADe. Although some aspects of the migration plan are currently underway, there are parts of this plan that have yet to begin. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the migration plan so you're informed and prepared to assist with McCormick Taylor’s ongoing migration to Bentley CONNECT version software prior to the SELECTserver sunsetting which will commence on January 1, 2021.


Click here to review the plan.

If you have any questions regarding the Bentley SELECTserver Deprecation or McCormick Taylor’s Bentley Software Migration Plan, please contact CAD Management via the helpdesk at Helpdesk@McCormicktaylor.com.

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Bentley Systems has revised their SELECTserver deprecation plan to include a “sunsetting” phase that provides additional time to migrate to SS10 or CONNECT version software, due to the unforeseen business challenges surrounding the pandemic. This sunsetting phase will allow for the continued use of V8i software versions for a nominal quarterly fee per machine through 2023. Quarter 1 of 2021, Bentley will reevaluate their SELECTserver deprecation timeline and provide notice at least six months prior to full deprecation. This means the continued use of V8i version software using Node Lock licensing is no longer an option. For additional information specific to licenses and support, please see an excerpt from Bentley’s SELECTserver Deprecation FAQs here.

Even though Bentley has revised their SELECTserver deprecation timeline, it is the intention of CAD Management to move forward with McCormick Taylor’s migration plan, while continuing to work with Project Managers to ensure that our software needs for individual projects will be met.

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Bentley charges timed usage fees for their software products, which could result in a user unknowingly generating unexpected Bentley Term Licensing charges for what appears to be “normal use.” For that reason, it is important that our users understand the impacts of their software use. There are four methods by which Bentley Term Licensing charges are generated:

  • Accessing software that is not included in McCormick Taylor’s Bentley software portfolio.
  • Accessing software that is not using the correct licensing.
  • Exceeding the number of available Bentley software licenses that are included in McCormick Taylor’s Bentley portfolio.
  • Leaving open and running, especially overnight, any Bentley software included in McCormick Taylor’s Bentley software portfolio.

CAD Management works diligently to ensure that McCormick Taylor’s Bentley software licensing demands are met with available licenses. Because Bentley tracks the software usage for each user, we must monitor and avoid the license usage situations described above. Here are a few ways you can help us to guard against generating unnecessary Term Licensing charges:


Avoid using software that is not included in McCormick Taylor’s Bentley portfolio (see image to right). If presented with a dialog box requesting you to “select a license,” please contact CAD Management by submitting a helpdesk ticket using Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com and CAD Management will provide you with the correct selection. If you receive a License Alert Notification that explains there are no available licenses for the software you are attempting to access, please do not click “Acknowledge.” Instead, submit a helpdesk ticket using Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com, and CAD Management will work to free a license for you. Also, for select software, CAD Management may guide you to use one of McCormick Taylor’s software calendars to schedule your usage. Close all Bentley software when you are finished using it.


Click here to learn more about how Bentley’s Term Licensing operates.

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McCormick Taylor's Bentley Portfolio
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When using MicroStation, have you ever wondered:

  • Can I select elements based on specific criteria?
  • Is it possible to select text by a portion of a text string?

The answer to both questions is YES!

View the Select By Attributes Tutorial and View the Select By Text Tutorial

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Have you been practicing the ProjectWise skills you’ve learned from the ProjectWise Training Part 1 video? Are you ready to expand on those skills by learning the advanced tools discussed in the ProjectWise Training Part 2 video? This 20-minute training video was developed to assist with transitioning new ProjectWise users to a more advanced understanding of Bentley’s ProjectWise tools and functionality.

Watch the ProjectWise Training video – Part 2

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