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Regional CAD Administrator Team (RCAT)

The Regional CAD Administrator Team is assembled of CAD specialists that are individually assigned to aid the CAD users in McCormick Taylor’s office locations. This section of the casCADe will periodically spotlight RCAT members.

Mike Long – Harrisburg, State College, and Florida

Mike assists CAD Management with the testing and validation of new versions of CAD platforms using Virtual Machine. Prior to upgrade rollouts, Mike ensures that the CAD software does not contain inoperable modules or conflict with other CAD programs. He developed and maintains the custom Linestyle libraries for the Harrisburg Workspaces and is a member of the ProjectWise Administrator Team. One of Mike’s most important roles is collaborating with the RCAT and CAD Management to develop and disseminate best practices for McCormick Taylor’s CAD environment.


What are some of your hobbies?
My biggest hobby right now is woodturning. About two years ago, my wife started making soap to sell at craft shows. I saw some people who make pens out of wood. I started making wooden bowls, goblets, plates, pepper mills, etc.


What are three things you can’t live without?
My family, my wood lathe, and my friends.


Robert Huston – Harrisburg

Having worked with OpenRoads Designer (ORD) since its initial release, Rob possesses a deep understanding of ORD and MicroStation software. He collaborates with the ProjectWise Administrator Team and CAD Management to assist with customizing our ProjectWise Workspace resources for the I-83 Eisenhower Interchange project. Rob has presented ORD training sessions for staff throughout the company in advance of multiple state DOTs transitioning to ORD. In 2021, it is anticipated that he will provide several training sessions for staff transitioning to the use of ORD. Rob believes there are untold possibilities for collaborative, cross-discipline 3D modeling and design as more staff are exposed to ORD and gain proficiency.


What are some of your hobbies?

Playing golf and cooking.

What are three things you can’t live without?

A very fast internet connection, my grill, and an ergonomic keyboard.

Mike Long
Robert Huston


Please feel free to introduce yourself to Mike and Rob. If you have any CAD-related challenges or questions, please contact CAD Management via the Helpdesk at Helpdesk@McCormicktaylor.com.

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The Bently Software Migration Plan Update


The remaining 10% of the MicroStation SS10/CONNECT Software Installations are currently being completed by CAD Management manually.


The remaining 10% of the Specialized Software Installations are being identified and completed manually by CAD Management due to remote inaccessibility (offline) to computers.

The remaining 10% of Staff Identification for Targeted Training is being compiled for presentation to the Directors.

The remaining 10% of Training Development is specifically the InRoads to ORD training. CAD Management is awaiting client project requirements, and notification of project execution or at a minimum, notice to proceed. Please be reminded, CAD Management requires notification of a training request 45 days in advance of project design work.

Staff Training Based on Client/Project Needs is pending communication from clients.

CAD Management will develop training schedules collaboratively with Directors and will communicate these schedules to staff once complete. If you are experiencing any CAD-related issues, please contact CAD Management via the Helpdesk.

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Two new CAD-related committees have been formed and are currently developing their foundational objectives. Please see each of the committees’ Mission Statements below.

3D Design Committee

This committee will identify and develop best practices for common to complex 3D solid modeling design challenges by applying a proactive and collaborative approach to provide direct solutions and education to 3D design users companywide.

3D Visualization Committee

This committee will identify and develop best practices for 2D/3D visualization/animation, while educating staff on technological advancements using a collaborative approach to provide support and education companywide.

Periodically, in this section we will provide news and updates regarding these two new committees.

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tips and tricks

Have you ever wondered, “When will Bentley develop an automated table placement tool?” In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly place an automatically generated and editable table in a drawing. The current method for table creation requires the table to be drawn line-by-line and extends this task sometimes by hours. As there are multiple reasons for using the Table Place function, we’ve identified common table place methods that will be covered in this video tutorial.


Click here to watch "Place Table" Tool in MicroStation Connect

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Like it or not, if used correctly, AccuDraw is possibly the most powerful tool you’re not using. AccuDraw is a design tool that can assist with drawing geometry using precision coordinates for the active tool you are using. In this basic to intermediate tutorial video (Part 1), we will discuss how to access and begin using this powerful tool via MicroStation SS10. We’ve even included a training dgn below! Please check back here for additional AccuDraw tutorial videos in future editions of the casCADe.


Click here to watch the AccuDraw Tutorial Video.


Click here to download MicroStation's Basic Exercises Traning dgn.

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