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Regional CAD Administrator Team (RCAT)

The Regional CAD Administrator Team is assembled of CAD specialists that are individually assigned to aid the CAD users in McCormick Taylor’s office locations. This section of the casCADe will periodically spotlight RCAT members.


BJ Warner - Maryland and Delaware

BJ assists CAD Management with ProjectWise user management for access to MD SHA and MTA ProjectWise environments. He provides file conversion between MicroStation, civil 3D, and other CAD software platforms and is very knowledgeable of various types and methods of CAD-related plotting configurations. BJ possesses in-depth, CAD-related problem-solving skills and regularly provides solutions for difficult CAD-related tasks. BJ is experienced in InRoads and ProjectWise and is also a member of the 3D Design Committee.


What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies are playing pool and golf. If I am not coaching my daughter’s soccer team you will probably find me at a tournament for pool or golf.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Practicing soccer with my daughter, the gym, and a clean truck.


Bart Gibson - Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Bart assists CAD Management with maintaining CAD software and Workspaces in McCormick Taylor’s Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina offices to promote seamless workshare with the various Department of Transportation clients we support. Bart also works specifically with VDOT and NCDOT to maintain the latest versions of Bentley ORD (CONNECT) software, Workspaces, and CAD standards required by those clients. Bart is also a member of the 3D Visualization Committee and produces project renderings for proposals, presentations, and public hearings.


What are some of your hobbies?

Two-wheel vehicles, cars, and golf.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Motorcycles, bicycles, and the mountains.

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BJ Warner
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Bart Gibson

Please feel free to introduce yourself to BJ and Bart. If you have any CAD-related challenges or questions, please contact CAD Management via the Helpdesk at Helpdesk@McCormicktaylor.com.

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The Bentley Software Migration Plan update

CAD Management is happy to report that all CAD users have been migrated to Bentley CONNECT/SS10 version software. In addition, a subset of users has been identified and will continue their use of InRoads SS2 to support DOT clients that will likely not migrate to CONNECT version software until 2022 or to support legacy projects that will not migrate to CONNECT version software.


Due to the dynamic nature of the release of ORD training by various DOTs, we have shifted our migration training plan. It is anticipated the three types of training will be presented as follows:

  • The “What’s new in MicroStation CONNECT?” training will be released through McCormick Taylor University in April.
  • The InRoads SS2 to InRoads SS10 training will be released in June.
  • The InRoads SS2 to ORD training will be administered to CAD users that are working on projects that will use ORD, and at a minimum, have already received notice to proceed. Please be reminded, CAD Management requires notification of a training request 45 days in advance of the start of the project design.

CAD Management is currently coordinating the development of CAD training with the Directors and will notify staff when the CAD training becomes available. If you are experiencing any CAD-related issues please contact CAD Management via the Helpdesk.

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What exactly is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi has become an important part of how we communicate, but what exactly is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies to emit circular signals that transmit data from one electronic device to another and can be very susceptible to interference. It might be older than you are. Wi-Fi’s early name was IEEE 802.11 and was invented in September 1990, almost 31 years ago! Although, some people believed Wi-Fi to be an acronym for “Wireless Fidelity,” the name Wi-Fi actually means…nothing at all!

Click here to read more.

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Bentley View CONNECT

Did you know that Bentley offers a MicroStation CONNECT “Lite” application named Bentley View CONNECT? Bentley View allows users to open almost any type of CAD design file. It is a viewing application, files cannot be edited, but all views, hypermodeling links, display styles, etc. are available to use. Bentley View can also access files stored in ProjectWise without a usage charge being applied. Please review these two references for more information regarding Bentley View CONNECT: Bentley View Getting Started / NYSDOT YouTube channel.

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Click here to watch AccuDraw Tutorial – Part 2. AccuDraw is a MicroStation design tool that can assist with drawing geometry using precision coordinates for the active tool you are using. In this intermediate to advanced tutorial video (Part 2), we learn how to navigate isometric views, place text, align components, and orient drawing planes using AccuDraw and MicroStation SS10.


*Note: AccuDraw operates similarly when using MicroStation SS10 or MicroStation CONNECT.


The "Basic_Exercises.dgn" file from the AccuDraw Part 1 tutorial is available on the AccuDraw Part 2 MTU page. If you’ve previously downloaded this dgn and still have it, there is no need to download it again. Please use the same file. Check back here for additional AccuDraw tutorial videos in future editions of the casCADe.


If you have an idea for a feature topic, project, or future content for the CasCADe, please email them to _regional_cad_adminstrators@mccormicktaylor.com

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