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Regional CAD Administrator Team (RCAT)

The Regional CAD Administrator Team is assembled of CAD specialists that are individually assigned to aid the CAD users in McCormick Taylor’s office locations. This section of the casCADe will periodically spotlight RCAT members.


Chuck Thomas - Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Exton

Chuck helps CAD Management by providing CAD support for helpdesk tickets and completing file conversions between MicroStation and AutoCAD Civil 3D. He works with CAD Management to customize and enhance McCormick Taylor’s CAD system and is also a member of the ProjectWise Administrator Team.


What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy fishing, playing tennis, and walking. I also like participating in events with my Fraternity Brothers.

What are three things you can’t live without?

Good soul food, spending time with my son, Sharif, and my future wife, Parella, and football.


Mike Terrigno - Pittsburgh

Mike is the newest member of the RCAT team and has been with McCormick Taylor for 13 years. He works in the Roadway group as a CAD Technician. Mike helps CAD Management by maintaining CAD software and Workspaces in McCormick Taylor’s Pittsburgh office. He is working with CAD Management to evaluate the Pittsburgh CAD system and identify potential enhancements that would be beneficial. 


What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy golfing as much as I can. If I’m not on the links, then I like playing any sport that keeps me active. I also enjoy watching or attending Pittsburgh sporting events. Now that I’m married, I have had to broaden my horizons. I have attended a couple of musicals and, to my surprise, I thought they were pretty good.


What are three things you can’t live without?

My wife, Beth, and her Shih Tzu, Chance, (they were a package deal), friends and family, and golf.

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Chuck Thomas
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Mike Terrigno

Please feel free to introduce yourself to Chuck and Mike. If you have any CAD-related challenges or questions, please contact CAD Management via the Helpdesk at Helpdesk@McCormicktaylor.com.

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3D Design Committee

The 3D Design Committee is developing best practices for using OpenRoads Designer. Specifically, the committee is working to provide solutions for design tasks such as Tracking, Projecting Pipes on XSEC, Quantities, XML Reports, and the use of COGO Points. These are design tasks that CAD users are reverting to using InRoads SS2 to complete, where we should have a suitable solution using OpenRoads Designer. The committee has identified these design tasks, is working to discover additional challenging design tasks, and is evaluating methods to alleviate these challenges. Once identified, the committee will share the solutions with CAD users companywide, either by Lunch and Learn or MTU.


The committee has also begun discussions regarding Planless Submissions and Digital Delivery. They are Identifying what we know, what we need to know, and discovering the tools needed to develop a process. Although these topics may require extended periods of time, we will provide updates once they become available.


3D Visualization Committee

The 3D Visualization Committee is developing standard terminology for visualization products so that we can more readily discuss visualization needs companywide. Once standard terminology has been developed, the committee plans to identify which skillsets are required to complete each type of visualization product. Additionally, the committee intends to identify (as closely as possible) the time commitment and cost for each identified visualization product to be completed.


The committee is also considering the development of a visualization product selection tool that would provide a catalog consisting of completed McCormick Taylor visualization products that have been developed for past projects. It is the committee’s intention that McCormick Taylor staff would access this selection tool to gain an understanding of the skillset required, the approximate time commitment needed, and the cost associated with a visualization product needed for a project similar to their own.

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AutoCAD 2021 and Civil 3D 2021 are available.

McCormick Taylor recently upgraded licensing to support both Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 and Civil 3D 2021 applications. The file format used by these two programs allows for interoperability when working with any version from 2018 to 2021. Please note that Civil Objects will still require updating when migrating from version to version.


Although AutoCAD 2021 and Civil 3D 2022 have been released, it is common practice for CAD Management to delay the launch of recently released CAD software until the first Service Pack (update) has been released and any major issues with the software have been addressed.


Please click here to read Autodesk’s What’s New in Civil 3D 2021.


A VDOT Bentley Workspace Switch has been developed.

CAD Management has developed a switch that allows for the activation/deactivation of the VDOT V8i Workspace for MicroStation and GEOPAK.


If you’ve ever worked on a project that requires VDOT CAD standards you’re probably aware of the challenges associated with switching to another DOT’s standards. VDOT provides an executable file that places its standards on the local C:\ drive of your computer and edits your local default configuration, making it difficult to access a different Workspace. This new switch, developed by Sam D'Arcangelo, allows for a user to run the VDOT standards as intended by their CAD management, but also disables their standards to work with other DOT standards.


If you would benefit from using this VDOT Bentley Workspace switch, please submit a HelpDesk ticket at helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com


MicroStation V8i SS10 Introductory Training

The Systems and Operations Group has developed an introductory training series consisting of four videos, that focus on MicroStation V8i SS10. This training series was created to provide new employees that are anticipated to use MicroStation, with the information they need to jump-start their learning curve.


Please use this MicroStation V8i SS10 Introductory Training link that will guide you to McCormick Taylor University where the video content is stored.


Additionally, a more in-depth MicroStation V8i Introductory Training series will soon be available within McCormick Taylor University. Please look for more information regarding the availability of this training in future editions of the casCADe.

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ProjectWise Web View CONNECT

If you are a ProjectWise user that only requires read-only access to view drawings or documents stored in McCormick Taylor’s ProjectWise environment, ProjectWise Web View CONNECT is a free tool that provides access to view secure project information. ProjectWise Web View is a cloud-based service that provides secure, read-only data source-level access to information in ProjectWise Explorer.


Up-to-date web browsers provide the best possible performance, limit technical restraints, and provide secure access from anywhere. With read-only access to ProjectWise Design Integration content, it is easier than ever to reduce costly errors and accelerate communication between users in the office and in the field.


If you are a user that only requires read-only access to project information stored in McCormick Taylor’s ProjectWise environment, please contact CAD Management for more information using Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com.

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MicroStation CONNECT with Dave DeLisi, PE

Have you been curious about the new MicroStation CONNECT edition? I know I have, especially with the transition from the previous task-based interface to a Ribbon-based one. When I first launched MicroStation CONNECT, I was a little overwhelmed by the new look. In a way, it felt like a brand-new program.


Thankfully, MTU has launched a brand-new training series entitled “What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT?” This series will be administered in two parts. Part 1 (five videos) will walk us through most of the changes to the interface. Part 2 (in development) will cover some of the new and updated features/tools in MicroStation CONNECT.


Below are links to the first three videos included in “What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT? - Part 1.” Those links will guide you to McCormick Taylor University where the videos can be accessed. Please check this section in future editions of the casCADe for additional “What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT?” training videos.


Good luck on your journey in transitioning from MicroStation V8i to the CONNECT Edition. See you in the training!


What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT? - Setting Up Your CONNECT_Training WorkSpace

What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT? - Work Page, WorkSpaces and WorkSets

What’s New in MicroStation CONNECT? - The Backstage


If you have an idea for a feature topic, project, or future content for the casCADe, please email them to _Regional_CAD_Administrators@mccormicktaylor.com.

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Dave DeLisi