The Bodhana Group is a nonprofit organization that advocates the use of tabletop games as a therapeutic and clinical practice to benefit personal growth, as well as enhance social and educational services to individuals and families. Amanda Shafer, a web designer in our Harrisburg office, is an avid player of board games and she and her husband first became involved with the Bodhana Group in the summer of 2018.


The group needed assistance with Save Against Fear, a three-day gaming convention that raises funds for Bodhana. Amanda met Bodhana’s director, Jack Berkenstock, at their local game café after he put out a call for volunteers to the gaming community. Amanda and her husband helped organize the Play to Win program. They collected donated board and card games from various publishers. At the convention, the games were available for attendees to play. If they did, their name was entered into a raffle to win the game.


“The Play to Win program creates a lot of excitement and helps to get more attendees in the door, which in turn raises more money for the Bodhana Group,” said Amanda.


Through McCormick Taylor’s Charity Committee, Amanda and her husband will be able to organize and host the Midtown Board Game Day in Harrisburg, a community board game event for their neighborhood. They’ve organized this event in previous years and this year it will serve as a fundraiser for the Bodhana Group. The event will be held at the Harrisburg Area Community College Midtown Campus on March 9, and the Bodhana Group will provide their board game library and volunteers to staff the event. Amanda is looking forward to becoming more involved in the organization.


“I love that there’s a group out there that sees the positive benefits of my hobby and uses it to help people,” said Amanda.


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