Our Environmental Scientists and Compliance Consultants provide hands-on support to some of McCormick Taylor’s most significant and interesting projects. Their roles and responsibilities often have them spending time in the field and in the mix collaborating with project teams. We sat down with a few of them to learn more about what they love about their jobs.

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What do you enjoy most about your role as an Environmental Scientist? 


Katherine Hresko, Environmental Scientist III 

"I think my favorite thing about being an Environmental Scientist at McCormick Taylor is the opportunity to be involved with a variety of diverse types of projects (electrical transmission rebuilds/substation builds, gas pipeline projects, wetland mitigation sites, state highway roadway projects). In the field, it’s also great being able to help with different surveys (wetland/waterway surveys, avian surveys), all while getting to see different sceneries and cities in the DC/MD metro region."


Ryan Mason, Environmental Scientist II 

"I enjoy getting to be a part of multiple project teams that help accomplish the overall goal to complete essential infrastructure construction while maintaining full environmental compliance. Working on these projects in various areas allows me to implement common solutions in a variety of different settings. Although there are no boilerplate solutions and each project has different requirements, my working knowledge and experience in environmental compliance can be practically applied in a number of different ways."

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You started your career as an Environmental Scientist. How has this background prepared you for your current role?


Megan Welling, Manager, Environmental Services 

"Starting my career as an Environmental Scientist gave me a real-world look at how projects that I would later be permitting and managing were actually constructed. Because I had gained those hands-on experiences in the field, I could then use my knowledge of the challenges and obstacles that projects face to be proactive in supporting plan review and design. I was also able to work closely with, learn from, and build relationships with a wide variety of team members including Engineers, Scientists, Planners, and Project Managers."

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You’ve been with McCormick Taylor for more than 20 years in various environmental and management roles. What’s kept you here throughout your career?


Ben Morrow, Director, Energy Services  

"Since I started here at McCormick Taylor over 20 years ago, I have felt that each project that I have worked on and every role and position I have held has had a connection to the long-term career path that my manager had in mind for me when I was hired. They took a chance to hire someone fresh out of school, with a slim resume, an environmental degree, and whose only professional experience involved working for the family landscape business.  


As my career has grown, with each new opportunity and role there has been a focus on connecting my experience to the bigger picture. Early in my career, I can specifically recall receiving calls from our owners, Jim and Pat, around significant life events but also just to check in and see how I was doing. The guidance, mentorship, and direction I have received over the years has helped get me to where I am now with my career as a member of the senior leadership of the company. This approach was not unique to my experience; it is what we strive for with all our hires. We work with everyone to grow their career path - from the more Junior Environmental Scientist roles up to our Senior Project Managers and leadership.  


In addition to these opportunities, the key to our individual and company success has been the balance of work with what goes on in the rest of our lives. The employee-centric focus of the company provides the basis for the culture here at MT. This is an area in which the company and its leadership have always supported me and my family, from the benefits that we provide to our supportive and caring culture. Over the years, McCormick Taylor’s flexibility and dedication to making our roles fit wherever we all are in our ever-changing lives has provided me the path to continue to grow and meet my career goals, while maintaining a strong work-life balance."