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The CAD Management Team at McCormick Taylor is led by Len Larsen with support from Sam D’Arcangelo within the Systems & Operations Group. Sam is the Lead CAD Administrator who oversees the Regional CAD Administrator Team (RCAT) with guidance and collaboration from Len. They both work collaboratively with the RCAT to develop solutions for various CAD system challenges and to provide on-call support to CAD users and project managers through the Helpdesk System (Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com).


Activities performed by CAD Management/RCAT for our CAD system include workspace configurations, software support, update testing/implementation, licensing management, system enhancements, ProjectWise administration, training, and software installations and trials. Look for additional information highlighting the talented members of our RCAT and some of our projects in upcoming editions of the casCADe.


Feel free to introduce yourself by reaching out to Len and Sam. If you have a CAD-related need, please contact CAD Management using the Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com.

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Len Larsen, Project Manager, Systems & Operations
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Sam D'Arcangelo, Lead CAD Administrator, Systems & Operations
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Bentley Systems has announced their plan to deprecate their support and licensing for their entire line of V8i version software (SELECTserver) beginning January 1, 2021. Bentley has made this decision, in part, to provide enhanced licensing usage tracking and license management tools. Bentley has created the SS10 line of products to provide an intermediate step for organizations migrating from v8i to CONNECT products. Bentley will deprecate their support for their SS10 line of products beginning January 1, 2022, at which time it is expected that all organizations will have migrated to CONNECT licensing or implemented special licensing configurations to complete mid-life status projects using the V8i software launched at the project kickoff.


DOT Migration Plans

Due to Bentley’s deprecation of the SELECTserver and the V8i line of products, CAD Management has been closely coordinating with our clients to obtain and understand their software migration plans. CAD Management along with the RCAT, is in the process of reviewing these migration plans to determine how they will impact our projects, workflows and processes. We will consider these individualized plans as we migrate to CONNECT products. For information on client specific migration plans, please click here. Please understand that not all information has been received from every DOT client and we will continue to update this document as additional information is received. More information on McCormick Taylor’s migration plan will be forthcoming.

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McCormick Taylor recently added three additional AutoCAD Civil 3D 2020 licenses due to an increase in municipal projects, which require the use of Autodesk products. This brings the total number of licenses to four, which will significantly reduce or alleviate the number of access delays experienced by our staff. The new licenses are packaged within the Autodesk AEC Collection.


Each Autodesk AEC collection subscription license allows access to everything included in McCormick Taylor’s previous Infrastructure Design Suite, plus – 3D Studio MAX and various AutoCAD programs. Civil 3D, Infraworks (works with Civil 3D), Structural Bridge Design, Vehicle Tracking – similar to AutoTURN (this requires evaluation) and various additional analysis, rendering and reality capture specialty software applications. See the complete list here.

Unlike Bentley Systems CAD software, Autodesk does not allow licenses to be accessed if one is not available, so scheduling access via calendars is not required. When all AEC Collection licenses are in use when you access the software, Autodesk will display a dialog box stating that no licenses are available. Each employee that receives an installation of the AEC Collection will also be added to the AEC Collection Users Fuze group. If no licenses are available and you require immediate access, please send a direct message via the AEC Collection Users Fuze group to determine if a license can be made available for your use. If this solution doesn’t resolve your issue, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to Helpdesk@mccormicktaylor.com requesting AEC Collection license access.

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tips and tricks

Live Nesting – This video will demonstrate the preferred method for constructing Live Nested files for plan sheets. This method should be followed as shown for the Nested Files to dictate the proper display of the plan sheets and for the files to behave as intended. View the tutorial.


File Archiving in ProjectWise – This video will describe and demonstrate the proper operation of archiving files within ProjectWise. This method should be followed as shown for all file references to remain intact and prevent archived files from being referenced inadvertently. View the tutorial.

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If your projects currently require the use of ProjectWise software and you are either a new user or would like to learn more about ProjectWise functionality, this 15-minute training video may be able to help. ProjectWise Training Part 1 provides an overview of the basic tools to better acclimate you with ProjectWise and help you to use it more efficiently.
Click here to access the ProjectWise Training video - Part 1.

ProjectWise Training Part 2, a more comprehensive review of the software’s features and functionality, has also been developed. Stay tuned for the next edition of the casCADe, where we will take a deeper dive into ProjectWise.


If you have an idea for a feature topic, project or future content for the casCADe, email _Regional_CAD_Administrators@mccormicktaylor.com.

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