Dan Reichard, EIT, Structural Designer I, Harrisburg, PA

Dominican food and traditions are influenced by the country’s Spanish, African, and native or Taino roots. Dan has gotten to experience different aspects of the Dominican culture through his wife’s family, including eating and cooking their food, visiting the country, and learning and speaking Spanish. Traditional Dominican food includes rice, beans, and meat (either chicken, beef, pork, or oxtail) usually cooked in sauce. The Dominican Republic is also known for its plantains (green or ripe), which can be either boiled whole, boiled and mashed (called mangu), sliced and fried (called tostones), or fried and mashed (called mofongo).


Dan’s favorite memories in the Dominican Republic include attending and playing guitar at his sister-in-law’s wedding, going to the beaches and rivers, and visiting the monument at the center of Santiago de los Caballeros when it was decorated for Valentine’s Day.


“Diversity in my life helps me have a better understanding of different people's experiences and cultures, which then helps me understand them better,” Dan says. “In the workplace, this is important to help coworkers feel more comfortable and help us celebrate each other's differences.”

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