McCormick Taylor’s “From the Desk Of” series asks our staff to describe their workspaces, routines, and personal items that help make the office feel like home.


Name: Natalie Martin

Role: Proposal Coordinator I

Office: Philadelphia

Claim to fame: Most Creative Workspace winner, shuffleboard enthusiast 

Tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today.

Originally, I grew up in western Massachusetts (shout out East Longmeadow & the 413). I started dance at the age of three, became a competitive dancer at the age of seven, and toured the east coast collecting many titles and accolades. I also dabbled in gymnastics and cheerleading. After high school, I moved to Philadelphia, PA to attend Temple University. There, I studied Marketing and Cognitive Neuroscience, was a member of the Temple University Diamond Gems Dance Team, a Resident Assistant, and a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. My college experience was extremely rewarding (read: busy), and I decided to stay in Philadelphia post-grad due to the network I had created. My first taste of the engineering world was when I worked at a civil engineering firm out of college. I never thought I’d end up in this industry, but it’s proved itself to me and I couldn’t imagine doing otherwise. Working in engineering is also a great conversation starter because I know of projects going on within the city or across the U.S. that my friends typically would have no idea about.

What are your job responsibilities?

My day-to-day involves developing, coordinating, and producing qualification packages and proposals for new business. I analyze Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements to ensure compliance, coordinate subconsultant information, create submittal layouts and graphics, and handle production and final delivery/distribution. I also assist with content creation for internal and external communications.


What’s your workspace setup like?

I have set up my workspace to feel as close to home as possible. I spend many hours at my desk, and I wanted to feel excited to come into this space every day. I made sure to include greenery, personal touches, and additional lighting. I adore interior design because I get to play with colors, textures, and aesthetics. My style is constantly changing, so I like to update my desk seasonally. Doing this refreshes the space and allows my coworkers to discover something new whenever they visit.


How do you keep track of what you have to do?

My poor iPhone calendar and Notes app. I'm not sure I'd survive without either. I like to stay extremely busy and am always on the go. I put absolutely everything into my calendar, including reminders to call my parents. My notes app is filled with random thoughts from grocery lists, monthly goals, and favorite quotes to Christmas lists.


How do you recharge or take a break?

At work, I enjoy playing shuffleboard. We have a league in our Philadelphia office, and Marisa Sapiezynski and I play really well together. Outside of work, I like to take a dance class! It’s been my therapy for as long as I can remember and the only place I feel able to express every type of emotion I feel. It’s an extremely liberating experience for me.

Who helps you get things done, and how do you rely on them?

Project Managers. We work in tandem to execute proposals. While I can bring the element of selling our services in a creative and impactful way, they help explain the technical side of the proposed project.


What’s your favorite thing about working at McCormick Taylor?

The people. Not to be cliché, but since I started working here everyone has made me feel incredibly welcomed. I was invited to be a part of committees within my first week, which exposed me to different departments I wouldn’t normally get to work with in my day-to-day activities. I feel confident walking into the office every day knowing that I’ll be greeted by a friendly face. I no longer use the term “work friends,” as I believe the relationships I’ve built here will last well beyond work.


What kind of music do you listen to when you work?

Honestly, the Hamilton soundtrack is a STAPLE to my work playlist. I can sing absolutely every word from every song. Besides that, I’m a huge Billie Eilish fan. Her music is the perfect tempo for getting work done. For podcasts, I’m a regular listener to Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and Crime Junkies.