In today's digital environment, social media continues to be a prominent way of gathering information, communicating with friends and family, and building relationships.


To celebrate Social Media Day on June 30, we asked McCormick Taylor's social media manager and Marketing intern to share their thoughts on social media. They collaborate with the rest of the Marketing department to conceptualize, write, and design content for McCormick Taylor's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.


We also talked to a Communications Specialist in our Planning & Communications group who manages the social media accounts for a few of our clients, including The New Jersey Department of Transportation and SEPTA

Mike Lauer, Marketing Communications Specialist

What is the purpose of communicating through social media platforms?

Communicating with followers, building relationships, and sharing McCormick Taylor’s story. Social media is a simple way to reach current and prospective clients and employees.


What’s your favorite aspect of social media?

On Twitter, I enjoy being able to connect with my favorite writers, athletes, and actors. The platform is great for catching up on worldwide news and learning new things. Instagram is great for connecting with friends, finding new brands of clothes, and looking at memes.

What’s your favorite social media campaign or company to follow? 

One of the best things about social media is that companies can use a distinct voice that consumers would never associate with them offline. Brands like Wendy’s, MoonPie, and Oreo are often hilarious and find ways to insert themselves into any situation. I remember one of the first hockey teams to have a personal voice was the LA Kings. What began as a sassy way to interact with the fans of other teams evolved into a fun, upbeat tone that changed the way sports teams communicate with their followers.


My favorite McCormick Taylor campaign has been our From the Desk Of series. It's a fun way to showcase our people and their workspaces. Every person works differently, and their desk organization and décor can reveal a lot about who they are. I look forward to continuing the campaign when we're back in our offices. In the meantime, we've created a Day in the Life employee spotlight series to illustrate how our staff has adjusted to working from home.


What’s the value in communicating company-related information via social media?

Social media has so many advantages if you use it to its fullest potential. From recruitment to brand recognition, engaging employees, and thought leadership, social media allows anyone to learn who we are, what we do, and why we do it. If I ever need to know something about a company, the first place I look is their social media pages. What kind of content do they post? How interactive are they with followers? These days you can’t properly market a company without social media.

Why should someone follow McCormick Taylor on social media?

Our content is geared towards highlighting McCormick Taylor’s people. We have a great company culture that really can’t be replicated elsewhere. It starts with our leadership team and permeates through our 17 offices. Being able to share what it’s like to work at McCormick Taylor with our followers is a great way to attract new talent and showcase our expertise with the world.

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Danielle Taylor, Communications Specialist

For which clients do you manage social media accounts?

I manage the social media accounts for NJDOT Local Aid Resource Center and King of Prussia Rail Project.


McCormick Taylor also recently completed PennDOT’s Statewide Public Participation Plan. For the project, Christi Sabb, a Communications Specialist II in our Harrisburg office, developed social media posts to promote the plan.

Click here to read the plan and see social media examples.


Why should people follow these accounts?

Users should follow these accounts to stay up to date on pertinent information involving the projects and upcoming events, and for some weekly fun facts and polls to keep you entertained.

Do you have a favorite campaign you’ve worked on for a client?

My favorite campaign that I work on is #WisdomWednesday, which is more of an ongoing, monthly promotion that I do with NJDOT Local Aid. Each month, I find a relevant, thought-provoking quote to post on our social media to get the attention of our followers and make them think about the bigger picture, whether it involves transportation, nature, or just the world around us.


What does managing these accounts entail?

Managing these accounts involves coming up with the creative content every month for the calendars and keeping up with social media trends, scheduling the content to go out on specific days and times when we will receive the most engagement, tracking our audience reaction and involvement with our posts, and collecting the social media analytics for each channel at the end of every month to track our performance and what can be improved upon for the future.

What’s your favorite account to follow on social media?

My favorite account to follow, especially on Twitter, is They are always posting creative and entertaining content that provides a good laugh.

Courtney Hopper, Marketing Intern

What is the purpose of communicating through social media platforms?

To build meaningful connections with consumers. Interactive communication between a brand or company and their audience allows for authentic relationships that can result in consumer loyalty and increased brand awareness, in addition to organic marketing via word of mouth, social sharing, etc.


What’s your favorite aspect of social media?

The wealth of information that is available at your fingertips 24/7, for better or for worse.


What’s your favorite social media campaign or company to follow? 

The Jif peanut butter campaign that settled the age-old debate regarding the correct pronunciation of “GIF.” It was incredibly creative, and the brand capitalized on the opportunity to enter an ongoing social media discussion.


During COVID-19, McCormick Taylor asked employees to share their heroes to be featured on our social media platforms and blog. Each week, we posted a new hero and shared a little bit about the work they were doing to combat the virus. This campaign has easily become one of my favorites so far. Reading about the healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, grocery store clerks, and so many more that are on the frontlines of this pandemic is incredible. I appreciate that McCormick Taylor used their platforms to give these employees' heroes the recognition they deserve. 


What’s the value in communicating company-related information via social media?

It’s personal. Companies that utilize social media to communicate are leveraging the capabilities of each platform to tell you something or show you something. It could be the announcement of a new product, a special giveaway to commemorate a benchmark, or a simple photo of their staff. No matter the content, they’re sharing it with you because they want you to be involved and informed.


Why should someone follow McCormick Taylor on social media?

Why not? That's always the question I ask myself before following a new company or brand on social media. You never know what kind of new content they could post or what they're going to share in the future. If you've made it to their page, you probably wanted more information about the company. Following McCormick Taylor on social media is a great way to learn all about hiring opportunities, company news, employees, and more. It's a gateway into learning about our people, our work, and our culture.

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