Each year, McCormick Taylor celebrates our employees with an Employee Recognition Dinner (ERD). The ERD is dedicated to showing employees how much they are appreciated. In doing so, attendees get to enjoy a casual and fun time with colleagues from all offices, win multiple raffle prizes including vacations, and recognize colleagues for milestone anniversaries, project accomplishments, and individual performance. 2021 also marked our 75th anniversary and was a celebration of McCormick Taylor’s legacy, who we are today, and our exciting future ahead. This year we celebrated 54 milestones, ranging from 5 years to 30 years, and 13 individual awards.


Candidates for the individual awards were nominated by employees across the company and announced at the ERD. To further recognize our winners, we’ve included a description of each individual below as noted by those who submitted their nominations.

Lending a Helping Hand

Someone who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping others. They put in extra effort to help their teammates, the company, or clients.



Senior Environmental Engineer | Pittsburgh, PA


“In addition to Dan's technical expertise, his character and commitment to helping others is likely a large part of why District 12-0 has contracted him to operate as an extension of their staff. His dedication also helped with our efforts to foster our relationship and secure work in District 1-0. Dan continues to impress, both internally and externally.”



Visualization and Multimedia Designer I | Philadelphia, PA


“Heather consistently delivers superior quality output. No matter how tight of a deadline or turnaround we give her, she puts in the full effort to ensure that the product meets her high standards. From presentations to resumes to helping get proposals out the door, Heather is always willing to step in and help.”



Courier | Mount Laurel, NJ


“Nick is always eager to help out as a courier and has been a great asset to the Mount Laurel office. He has been a great resource while working remotely. He has been instrumental in keeping the office moving logistically and delivering (literally) for our clients.”

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Rookies of the Year

A new employee (less than 5 years at the company) who goes above and beyond to carry out their responsibilities. They are enthusiastic and reflect the overall goals, mission, and success of McCormick Taylor.



Structural Designer II | Mount Laurel, NJ


“Lee is a young engineer in the NJ Structural Group who has become a large contributor to the office. He has worked on structural projects in the Concept Development, Preliminary Engineering, and Final Design phases. He is extremely thorough and gives 100% to all of his work efforts. Lee also served as the Captain for the winning ACECNJ Can Sculpture Team and took on the responsibility of designing the structure and determining the number of cans needed.”



Transportation Designer I | Exton, PA


“Hannah joined the Philadelphia/Exton offices full-time this year and has brought tons of energy and excitement to her work. She’s never hesitant to ask questions and is always ready to learn something new. By virtue of splitting time between offices and dividing her workload, she has already been exposed to a wide range of projects. During our staff meetings, Hannah is always excited to discuss what she’s been working on recently.”



Transportation Designer I | Pittsburgh, PA


“Ryan has progressed rapidly and adapted very well to challenges presented. He cares about his work product, has a very good work ethic, and has displayed a high level of self-initiative, particularly for someone within his range of experience. He is now serving as roadway design lead on several projects, including SR 906-G10 Bridge Replacement and I-70 Section 10K, both for PennDOT District 12. He is also in the registration process for the PE exam in early 2022.”

Administrative Contributors of the Year

Members of the organization who go above and beyond to carry out their responsibilities and are widely seen as huge assets to their teams. They are enthusiastic and reflect the overall goals, mission, and success of McCormick Taylor. They are team players and widely respected for their knowledge in their areas of expertise.




Proposal Coordinator II | Glen Allen, VA


“She is very open, friendly, and easy to talk to. After one conversation with Natalie, she is one of those people who you feel like you’ve known forever. This is something she carries into her day-to-day work at the company and the benefit is whether you’re working with her for the first time or the 50th time, you feel like you are working with a trusted colleague and partner. This goes a really long way when you are working in a world of high-pressure and juggling multiple deadlines.”



Manager, Project Accountant | Philadelphia, PA


“Colleen has been such a great asset to the team since the day she got here. Her personality is so bubbly and positive. She is such a great communicator. She is so helpful not only to the accounting staff but to the technical staff. I hear so many wonderful things from the technical staff about how helpful she is. The great thing about Colleen is she never says 'no', or 'I don’t have time to do that'. She is always ready, willing, and able to do whatever anyone asks of her from both the technical side and the administration side.”



Office Coordinator | Mount Laurel, NJ


“Diana has really been a huge help to our office, especially since transitioning to remote work. She has helped us adopt new systems and procedures to really help us transition to new digital methods. She provides logistics and support for not just Mount Laurel but other offices throughout the company.  She makes sure we have what we need to keep our office running smoothly. She’s been a huge asset to Mount Laurel as well as other offices.”



Administrative Assistant II | Philadelphia, PA


“Jenn is the glue that holds the Energy Group together. She has really grown in her role over the past couple of years and is a critical part of our team. She brings a positive attitude and is willing to step in and help whenever is needed. She is also great at being proactive and anticipating our needs before we even have to ask.”

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Technical Contributors of the Year

Members of the organization who go above and beyond to carry out their responsibilities and are widely seen as huge assets to their teams. They are enthusiastic and reflect the overall goals, mission, and success of McCormick Taylor. They are team players and widely respected for their knowledge in their areas of expertise.




Associate Project Manager, Water Resources | Philadelphia, PA


“Christine takes great pride in her work and goes the extra mile to see it to completion. She always finds a way to get it done and done well. Christine is great at learning the local regulations and applies them with critical thought. She keeps a holistic view of the project and coordinates with other divisions on how to determine a solution best fit for the project. Christine always brings a pleasant attitude. She empowers others and gives the team the space to provide their ideas.”



Traffic Engineer II | Pittsburgh, PA


"Matt has established himself as a top talent within the organization, performing beyond expected for his years of experience. He has been a major contributor in delivering several high-profile projects for the Pittsburgh office, including the recently completed SR 0981-Q20 (Laurel Valley) project. He is a standout performer that's focused on efficiency and quality, and has developed his skillset across multiple disciplines."



Senior Project Manager, Transportation Engineering | Newark, DE


“The one thing about Stefan is that he is so easy to work with. He’s such a nice guy. He is easy to work for, he is easy to work with, he is easy to manage and supervise. I see that ease of working follows through with the clients, and I can tell that they like working with him. That is a huge, huge asset to us at McCormick Taylor. On top of all else, he is a really solid engineer. He really knows what he is doing and is very technically sound.”