Environmental Scientist III | Philadelphia, PA

  • What is something you'd like to learn?

    A second language.

  • What are some of your hobbies?

    Cooking, reading, being outdoors, and playing Animal Crossing.

  • What are three things you can't live without?

    My family, my phone, and delicious food.


Marisa has always loved being outdoors, despite her immense and irrational fear of spiders. She has a passion for the environment and enjoys finding new ways to help McCormick Taylor take steps toward lowering our carbon footprint while supporting environmental stewardship. While she initially started out as a chemistry major in college, after taking various biology, ecology, and plant physiology courses, Marisa realized a career in a laboratory wasn’t right for her and followed a path that gives her the opportunity to spend time in her favorite place – outside!


“My love for the environment is definitely something that translates into my work. I want to make sure I do everything I can to protect it by minimizing impacts through design and permitting in order to preserve our environment for my children and future generations,” said Marisa.


Marisa describes McCormick Taylor as close-knit, engaging, and fun, noting the people and atmosphere as two factors that make working at the company unique.


“The atmosphere is upbeat and invigorating since we are constantly chasing work, expanding our expertise and specialties, taking on new challenges, and still finding time for a quick game of shuffleboard amid the hustle and bustle,” said Marisa.


Currently, Marisa is working on the PA 390 Connector Project, HT2 Phase for PennDOT that will extend SR 1058 (Wambold Road) from its intersection with Allentown Road to Township Line Road. She is enjoying the challenges presented by building completely new infrastructure.

“As an environmental scientist, I am always working to address the challenges of meeting client needs while trying to find solutions to minimize impacts to resources. Projects where new infrastructure is being proposed provides incredible opportunities to be innovative because we are not constrained by an existing design,” said Marisa.


When Marisa first started at McCormick Taylor, she was surprised by the involvement from upper-level management in day-to-day operations, noting how Pat Guise, Chief Visionary Officer, and Jim Wiggans, Chief Executive Officer, are not just names you know, but people you know.


“I feel valued here. Not just as an employee but as a person, which is a nice change,” said Marisa.

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