We are pleased to announce that Alex Charlton has joined our Planning and Communications practice in Philadelphia.

In his role as Communications Specialist II, Alex will primarily be responsible for assisting in communications and outreach initiatives on projects for clients such as PennDOT and SEPTA. Alex’s background as a state legislator and President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce give him a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate the goals and benefits of projects with all interested parties.
Alex is an established government, community, and business leader. He served as a state legislator for Pennsylvania’s 165th Legislative District, where he represented 63,700 residents and demonstrated his ability to interact with corporate executives, elected officials, community leaders, volunteers, and cultural groups. His expertise is in building relationships and client networks at the executive and C-Suite levels, resulting in high client satisfaction.


“We are excited to have Alex join our Philadelphia office," said John Mullen, Senior Manager, Planning and Communications Services. "He brings over a decade of experience working across various levels of government. Alex's knowledge of state and local issues, combined with his background in community collaboration and relationship building, will further enhance the communications services we offer our clients."