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McCormick Taylor to Present at the ASCE Central Jersey Branch Technical Dinner Seminar


Chang Chung, P.E.

Chang Chung, P.E., a Senior Structural Engineer in McCormick Taylor’s Mt. Laurel office, will discuss the Garden State Parkway (GSP) Culvert Repair Project at Milepost 118 during the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) Central Jersey Branch dinner on September 20. He’ll cover the project’s uniqueness and McCormick Taylor’s experience as it relates to the professional engineering community. In addition to construction challenges and solutions, the presentation will give an overview of alternative analysis to handle hydraulic capacity of the culvert and structural challenges to accommodate the preferred alternative.

McCormick Taylor completed final design for the repair of twin corrugated metal plate arch culverts in risk of collapse at milepost 118.5 on the GSP. These major storm drainage culverts convey Lopatcong Creek through the GSP in Hazlet Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey and exhibited signs of advanced and extensive deterioration.

The invert of culvert #1 deflected 2.5 feet from the time McCormick Taylor first inspected the site in December 2010 to the time of construction in April 2012, a period of just 16 months. McCormick Taylor worked with the contractor, Northeast Remsco, to develop a temporary support system to stabilize the culvert while the deflected sections were cut out and the new lining system was constructed.

In culvert #1, deficiencies included failure of the structural plate, heave of the longitudinal bolted invert joint, separation of one of the circumferential joints, significant section loss in the lower half of the pipe, and a sagging crown with vertical displacement. In culvert #2, the invert had heaved and the crown sagged significantly along one quarter of the length, reducing the height of the culvert.

The selection of the preferred alternative was driven by accommodating the significant deflection of the culverts, maintaining the maximum hydraulic capacity, and providing a structural system capable of carrying the loads applied by 30 feet of overburden. McCormick Taylor chose a traditional tunnel lining concept as the preferred rehabilitation concept. Using information derived from a detailed laser survey of the interiors of both culverts, McCormick Taylor designed structural steel ribs, intermediate reinforcing steel, and shotcrete to form a robust interior lining.

Detailing the Environmental Monitoring Toolkit at NETWC

Ben Morrow

Ben Morrow

Environmental Scientist Ben Morrow, Senior Environmental Scientist Gerry Hammel, and Application Developer Billy Meredith, all of McCormick Taylor’s Baltimore, MD office, will be presenting at the 2016 Northeastern Transportation and Wildlife Conference (NETWC). Held on September 11–14 in Lake Placid, New York at the High Peaks Hotel, NETWC presents an opportunity to exchange ideas and solutions on transportation, wildlife, and sustainability with experts from across the region. This year’s theme is Mile Markers of Road Ecology: Paved Ways and New Paths.

McCormick Taylor’s representatives will present on “Application of the Environmental Monitoring Toolkit on Transportation Projects to Ensure Permit Compliance, Environmental Management and Ecological Stewardship.”

Gerry Hammell

Gerry Hammel

Their presentation will provide an overview of a successful “Environmental Compliance Program.” The Environmental Construction Oversight Program was created to initiate compliance assurance mechanisms and provide on-site environmental monitoring to relay the myriad of environmental issues that can arise during construction.

The presentation will go step-by-step through the process that was developed to integrate environmental monitoring and compliance into a construction program. It will describe: roles and responsibilities, required knowledge, skills and experience for the environmental monitors, communication tools, issue resolution, and interaction with regulatory agencies. The presentation will also discuss the benefits and the challenges of a successful Environmental Compliance Program, and how the environmental monitors have been successful in complimenting the construction management staff to evolve into essential team members.

Billy Meredith

Billy Meredith

Lastly, the presentation will demonstrate the tools that have been developed to maintain the required project documentation and compliance reporting. The ever increasing reporting requirements take significant time and present challenges for maintaining complete and organized records. A key component to the development of a successful Compliance Program is the development and utilization of a web-based multi-user Environmental Monitoring Toolkit that is the central location of all environmental documentation, including inspection reports.

Learn more about the conference here:

McCormick Taylor to Present at 2016 ASDSO Dam Safety Conference

Cissell, Maureen

Maureen Cissel

From September 11–15, the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA will be hosting the Association of State Dam Safety Officials’ (ASDSO) 2016 Dam Safety Conference. The event is one of the leading conferences in the United States dedicated to dam and levee safety engineering and technology transfer.

Maureen Cissel, a Project Manager in McCormick Taylor’s Baltimore office, will present “What Makes a Good Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual.” McCormick Taylor prepared an O&M for the Anacostia Flood Risk Reduction Project that was recognized by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) as one of the best examples the District had seen.

In addition to presenting, Maureen will also moderate a session on levees and will introduce Eric Halpin, P.E., Special Assistant for Dam and Levee Safety at the
Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters, as well as
Khaled Chowdhury from the USACE and Andrew
Orlovsky, P.E. from the Pennsylvania Department of
Environmental Protection.


Eric Ditchey, P.E.

The organization’s goals include raising awareness and protecting the public from dam failures, as well as working to prevent catastrophic damage. ASDSO has also expanded to provide a forum for Levee and Flood Risk Reduction issues, as many of the same topics relate to both levees and dams.

Additionally, Eric Ditchey, P.E., Chair of the ASDSO Advisory Committee and an Associate in
McCormick Taylor’s Mt. Laurel office, will present on “Rehabilitating Hearns Pond Dam.” Following two storm events in 2001 and 2006 which overtopped Hearns Pond Dam in Seaford, DE, rehabilitation of the dam was the top priority of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. The $4.2 million project will bring the dam into compliance with state regulations.

Learn more about the conference here:




Innovation Then and Now: SEPTA’s Crum Creek Viaduct

The catenaries from the 1928 electrification of the West Chester and Philadelphia line

Last May, SEPTA contracted McCormick Taylor to provide its public involvement and communications expertise in the creation of a historical brochure and pamphlet to mitigate the loss of the Crum Creek Viaduct, located on SEPTA’s Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line.  Constructed in 1895, the Crum Creek Viaduct has reached the end of its useful life and is being replaced. Considered a 19th century icon of American railroad bridge design and engineering, the viaduct is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Since 2012, SEPTA has worked closely with the McCormick Taylor Communications team on many public involvement projects throughout the region. As design activities for the new viaduct were transitioning to the construction phase, McCormick Taylor was tasked with developing an extensive communications program, including a public relations campaign and project website.  The website includes on-site web cameras that capture ongoing construction activities, as well as a popular time-lapse video of the new replacement span being moved into place. The video footage can be viewed at


Signage to be placed along the Leiper-Smedley Trail

McCormick Taylor also developed Historic Viaducts of the Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line: Preserving Our Past and Engineering Our Future—which highlights the historic significance of former Crum Creek Viaduct as well as three other viaducts along the Media/Elwyn Regional Rail Line. The brochure contains a rich portrayal of the region’s transportation history through historic maps, architectural plans, and a historical timeline of events. Designed to educate, engage and inspire, the brochure and pamphlet will be displayed on the Swarthmore College campus, various rail stations on the Media/Elwyn Line, and in local libraries and historical societies.

SEPTA expanded McCormick Taylor’s assignment to include the design and fabrication of a sign to be placed along the Leiper-Smedley Trail. Running parallel to the I-476 right-of-way, the trail passes underneath the Crum Creek Viaduct, and connects Yale Road in Swarthmore Borough to Delaware County’s Smedley Trail. The trail sign will inform pedestrians
and bicyclists of the former viaduct’s important history.