Monthly Archives: February 2017

Jeannette Quirus Appointed as Vice Chair of Montgomery County Transportation Authority

MCTA Committee

Jeannette Quirus (second from right) with the MCTA Committee

Associate Jeannette Quirus has been appointed by the Montgomery County Commissioners for another five-year term on the Montgomery County Transportation Authority as Vice Chair. She began her first term in 2012. The Transportation Authority, consisting of nine members appointed by the Montgomery County Commissioners, addresses transportation improvement issues, excluding mass transit.

Vice President Barry Schoch to Chair Capital Area Greenbelt Association

Barry Schoch

Barry Schoch

McCormick Taylor Vice President Barry Schoch will serve a one-year term as president of the Board of Directors for the Capital Area Greenbelt Association (CAGA). As president, Barry will lead board meetings, attend events on behalf of the association, and represent it on grant applications and community events.

The Greenbelt is a 20-mile loop trail through and around Harrisburg that includes on-road sections as well as dedicated paved and gravel paths for bikers, walkers, and non-motorized activities. CAGA is a non-profit association of volunteers that work with the host municipalities to preserve and promote the Greenbelt.