McCormick Taylor Participates in Earth Day Celebration at Jackson Creek Elementary

On Wednesday, April 18, McCormick Taylor participated in Jackson Creek Elementary School’s Earth Day Celebration! We collaborated with LS3P, the lead architect for the Columbia, SC school, to prepare two educational signs that were installed at a rain garden and bioswale that we designed.

Jackson Creek is a new school that opened last August. McCormick Taylor was on LS3P’s team to provide innovative stormwater BMP solutions and native planting plans for the entire site, specifically the stormwater BMPs. The school is located in an environmentally sensitive area and within the headwaters of Gills Creek, a watershed that was ravaged by floods in 2015. The local watershed society pushed the school system into embracing an environmentally conscious design, which resulted in a stormwater green infrastructure approach.

Jason Hetrick of our Columbia office provided an instructional demonstration to the school’s fourth graders, as well. After discussing what stormwater is and how these green stormwater facilities function, they moved outside for more demonstrations and installation of the signs.