A change in ownership. A vibrant outlook on the future.

McCormick Taylor transitioned ownership in 2011 when two veteran leaders of the firm, Jim Wiggans and Pat Guise, ventured into partnership together. We continue to build a new culture and a more dynamic organization. We are investing in our greatest assets, our employees. We have taken a ground up approach to a future that is focused on growth and poised for expansion in new markets and new regions.

A new approach. A different way of thinking.

We’ve embarked on a new way of thinking, learning, and doing business. Some call it emotional intelligence. We think it’s simply working smarter, together. Through this process, we have established small, peer-led discussion groups that evolved out of employee-centered experiential Learning Teams. Employees participate in these small discussion groups that are designed to foster better relationships and a more collaborative work environment. The peer-led groups serve to broaden one’s scope of knowledge and expertise by being grouped with diverse ranges of technical and administrative staff in all parts of the company. It’s also another way we strive to promote company values and philosophies within our growing organization.

Relationships are at the core of our success.

At McCormick Taylor, we are in the business of delivering professional services. Our firm is a place where we come to work for our clients and also work on ourselves for the betterment of our clients. Our success is rooted in technical competency and our abilities to develop solid interpersonal relationships. We strive to be the very best in all that we do. That is why relationship building is one of our core values, both internally and externally.

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