McCormick Taylor developed Green Infrastructure guidance to be adopted by Passaic County to help better manage or reduce the amount of runoff that flows through County-owned facilities.



Passaic County is one of the most diverse counties in New Jersey. From the urban metro areas of Patterson in the southern part of the county to the suburban and rural areas of Pompton Lakes in the northern half, Passaic County provides a unique set of geographical challenges to deal with stormwater management. Regardless of geographical location or local context, it is important for the County to better manage or reduce the amount of runoff that flows through County-owned facilities by utilizing green infiltration-type techniques, such as tree trenches and vegetated curb bump-outs.


This project consisted of the gathering of stormwater and greenspace information from independent stakeholders and technical groups within the County, across the State, and from the general public residing within Passaic County.  

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The Green Infrastructure guidance will be utilized to aid the County, its municipalities, and developers to implement Green Infrastructure within both private and county-wide capital improvement projects to mitigate stormwater runoff. This is to be a county-wide plan to address a variety of stormwater management issues throughout the county. McCormick Taylor will convene meetings inclusive to the major stakeholders, as well as the various population demographics to prioritize areas prone to flooding and other stormwater management issues that are present. 


Besides determining the issues, McCormick Taylor will also develop Green Stormwater Management techniques and strategies to help Passaic County effectively mitigate stormwater management issues throughout the County as indicated from prior public involvement activities. The intent of this latest planning effort is for the County to systematically update its regulations to incorporate green infiltration-type Best Management Practices into proposed development plans while reducing the amount of stormwater runoff to the existing Passaic County water courses. These techniques will be able to be passed down to the municipal level for adoption to ensure a county-wide adaptation.


McCormick Taylor will develop several Best Management Practices and green infrastructure engineering details that can be used as the County updates its site plan and subdivision standards.


The Green Streets element of the study will outline several typical cross-sections and details that can be implemented along County and municipal roadways as part of capital improvement projects. The Green Streets guidance will focus on communities impacted by repetitive flooding, watershed areas that prioritize water quality and recharge, as well as combined sewer overflow areas. An ultimate objective of the study is to create model documents that can be shared with the County’s municipalities. 

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