Initially awarded to McCormick Taylor in 2013, this contract was primarily used to complete a comprehensive update to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s 2001 Strategic Plan.



McCormick Taylor worked closely with PTC’s staff to update the Strategic Plan that was prepared in 2001. There was a desire by PTC leadership to bring consistency to the organization with a renewed direction and focus. The Strategic Plan “Driving Towards Success” and Business Plans currently serve as a foundation for allocating resources and programming investments throughout PTC. It also provides clear, measurable performance standards that are used to meet future targets and assess the Plan’s effectiveness for a five-year period.

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During the life of the contract, McCormick Taylor accomplished a variety of tasks requested by PTC, including: the Scranton Beltway Feasibility Study, financial outlook as it pertains to impacts from Act 44/89, after-incident reviews, and the feasibility of a regional Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training facility.


As part of the Strategic Plan, McCormick Taylor staff worked with each department to complete a SWOT analysis and then helped them to develop department-specific business plans. The second primary task was the update to PTC’s original Long-Range Plan (LRP), which was completed in 2003. The LPR is a guide to the 10-year Capital Plan, operating budget and long range plan for structures, roadways, interchanges/toll plazas and tunnels.


One of the more unique tasks completed under this work order included the planning and execution of three retreats for PTC Leadership at the Gettysburg Battlefield, as well as Gettysburg College, Bloomsburg University, and the Antique Automobile Club of America in Hershey, PA.  


McCormick Taylor was recently selected by PTC for a renewal of the Systemwide Strategic Planning Contract. This second contract will include an update to both the Strategic Plan, as well as the Long-Range Plan, and will also continue to include executive retreats for the PTC Executive Leadership.


With the next Strategic Plan Update, McCormick Taylor will expand the outreach for feedback to include internal and external partners and stakeholders to establish a solid information network with partners, vendors and, most importantly, PTC’s customers.

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