Being quarantined as a result of COVID-19 has many people acknowledging how fathers have always juggled more roles than just that of dad. They're captains of imaginary explorations. They're coaches for everything from walking to shooting hoops. They're teachers whose lessons make us who we are.


We believe in putting life first in the work-life balance of all of our employees, especially those who, in addition to their career, spend every day being the best parent they can be for their kids.


In honor of Father’s Day on June 21, we asked a few McCormick Taylor dads three questions:

  • How has the additional time at home been beneficial for you and your family?
  • How has McCormick Taylor supported you balancing full-time parenthood and the demands of work?
  • What has been your favorite project, school lesson, or activity that you’ve done with your kids?

Vittorio Anepete, PE, Senior Project Manager, Transportation Engineering

1. The additional time with my young children has been the best part of the work from home situation. I’ve been able to have breakfast, lunch, and more playtime outside with them after work.


2. As a young professional with a growing family, support from my employer has been critical. Our vacation and sick time, flexible work hours, and tools such as remote access and now laptops, make it easy to be at important family events and still make sure that I can deliver for my coworkers and clients. This year, two weeks of paid paternal leave was announced as new company-wide benefit, which is awesome considering we are expecting a daughter this December!


3. I showed my oldest how to use a spoon as a catapult, but then I remembered I still had a catapult that I built out of popsicle sticks with my dad when I was kid. My son quickly broke that. So I surprised him with one five times the size. It was great to see his face light up.

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Matt Byer, Safety Coordinator

1. Being home with Jack for the past few months has been equally challenging and rewarding. It has been great being able to spend more time with him and watch him develop, and it’s been great exercise chasing him down now that he’s crawling!


2. The McCormick Taylor team has been great about allowing me the flexibility I need to take care of Jack and complete my work responsibilities. Being able to adjust my work schedule has been tremendously helpful for our work/life balance.


3. Now that Jack is crawling and climbing, our project has been preventing slips, trips, and falls!

Jordan Wilcox, PE, Transportation Engineer III

1. It’s been great being at home with the kids. The additional time has allowed me to witness some of the milestones my daughter, Quinn, has been achieving. She just turned eight months old, and its seems like every day she discovers a new skill. Having figured out crawling, Quinn is interested in everything and is much more independent that her older brother was at that age.


2. Even before the quarantine, McCormick Taylor allowed me to put my family first, allowing me remote access to work from home. With the flexible schedule and the ability to get work done anytime, I am able to take time with the kids when needed.


3. Some of my favorite projects have been working in the garden. My son, Cooper (2), is learning to identify all the different vegetables (credit to my wife). His favorite plants right now are the strawberries and broccoli. We recently started building a playground for the kids. Cooper is very excited for me to finish so he can go down the slide.

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