McCormick Taylor promotes daily collaboration, prioritizes opportunities for connection and engagement, recognizes the human challenges of balancing work and life, acknowledges achievements, and celebrates the interests of our employees.


McCormick Taylor is offering its employees expanded flexibility between the office,
work-from-home, and hybrid work lifestyles. We recognize the importance of having
options. What might work for one, may not work for another. McCormick Taylor’s
leadership is willing to work with individuals to find the best balance for work and home life.


Whether working in the office, at home, or a little of both, McCormick Taylor has the technology and resources to help you stay connected with your internal team and clients. 

  • Company-issued laptops, monitors, and headsets to enable work from any location 
  • Software that provides for instant chats, cloud-based online video conferencing, and 24-7 email and calendar access

Our offices are designed with safety, collaboration, sustainability, and team building in mind. They are open-concept which allows for social distancing, incorporates impromptu meeting areas, and space for activities such as ping pong and pot-luck lunches.  Additionally, office hotel workspaces are available to allow for flexibility for our hybrid or remote workers, visiting employees or guests, and any other employee who may need a temporary workspace. 

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From day-to-day collaboration to companywide remote or in-person events, there are plenty of opportunities for employees to not only unwind, but also build relationships with colleagues, including:

  • Milestone awards for both personal and professional achievements
  • Quarterly town hall meetings with company owners 
  • Game rooms (in some locations)
  • Monthly socials
  • Food drives and community outreach events
  • Company sports teams
  • Various social events: Pie Day, Crab Feast, Breakfast with the Bosses

New Employee Welcome 
Within the first week of employment, new hires will participate in a welcome orientation. Within their first year, they will be invited to participate in an in-person or remote Welcome Day event. The event provides the opportunity for new hires to meet with the company's co-owners, key members of our leadership team, and each other. They’ll learn about McCormick Taylor's culture and how the company operates. We understand that every new hire brings an experience to McCormick Taylor that helps us improve the way we work together. 


Employee Recognition Event 
To celebrate our success and our appreciation for each other, McCormick Taylor gathers staff from across the country for an annual Employee Recognition event. When possible, the event is held in person. Each year, we acknowledge milestone anniversaries and distribute performance awards for various categories as nominated by their colleagues. Additionally, a number of raffle prizes are awarded throughout the event.