In recent months, the Hulton Bridge Replacement project earned three notable industry awards in recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering:

  • 2016 Eugene C. Figgs Jr. Medal for Signature Bridges, International Bridge Conference (presented on June 9)

  • 2016 Outstanding Highway Engineering Award, ASHE Pittsburgh Section

  • 2016 Award of Merit (highways/bridges), ENR MidAtlantic

Located in PennDOT District 11, the original century-old Jonathan Hulton Bridge provided key access between Oakmont Borough and Harmar Township across the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania, and to major transportation connections in the Allegheny Valley. In the early 90s, it received a much needed renovation (and a lilac paint job), but over time the deteriorating structure failed to handle increasing usage and modern traffic demands. In 2009, PennDOT announced plans for the design of a new replacement bridge, which would be constructed adjacent to the original structure.


As part of Gannett Fleming’s design team, McCormick Taylor provided public involvement support and created design renderings for the high-profile project. In anticipation of the 2016 U.S. Open tournament hosted at the Oakmont Country Club, the timing of design and construction was paramount in order to accommodate the nearly 300,000 visitors expected to the area. The project team accelerated schedules to meet PennDOT’s six-year timeline. Final design was completed in 2013, and the new $65 million Hulton Bridge was officially opened to the public during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 20, 2015. The new four-lane structure doubles the capacity of its predecessor, which was imploded and sent into the Allegheny River on January 26, 2016. As of spring 2016, all lanes of the new Hulton Bridge were completed, just in time for the U.S. Open.