McCormick Taylor is a proud Silver Sponsor of the 26th Annual International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter Regional Conference! Held from September 17-19 in Frederick, MD, the conference is recognized as a key industry conference in the Mid-Atlantic region.


In addition to sponsoring the event and exhibiting at the conference, McCormick Taylor staff are presenting on a variety of topics that we hope will spark conversations to help IECA be the change we want to see in the Erosion Control industry. Read on to learn more about the presentations.

welling megan
Megan Welling
nicoll lindsey
Lindsay Nicoll

Asset Protection – Stream Encroachment

September 18 | 2:20-3:05 PM | Francis Scott Key E/F

Megan Welling and Lindsay Nicoll, McCormick Taylor

Ed May, Pepco Holdings, Inc.


This topic will discuss asset protection for underground utilities and structure foundations impacted by the fluvial dynamics of waterways. Pipelines, as well as underground and overhead power lines, often cross or run parallel to streams and rivers. Waterways are natural systems that sometimes change dramatically and in relatively short periods of time due to storm events and cover changes within their watersheds. Erosion of the banks, meander, and incising of channels often leads to asset exposure and compromise.


The presentation will focus on soft and hard engineering techniques used to address active erosion and how we work cooperatively with reviewing agencies to expedite permitting and design-build effective protection measures while minimizing adverse effects to the downstream environment. Challenges include developing accurate modeling to enable design and permit approval in an often unstable and rapidly changing watershed, gaining efficient construction access, right-of-way limitations, selecting appropriate stabilization techniques based on site-specific hydrology and hydraulics, the need for specialized equipment and expertise, and minimizing the need for future maintenance and costs.

The Use of Flocculants in Maryland &
Compliance Challenges

September 19 | 9:20-10:05 AM | Francis Scott Key E/F

Otto Schlicht, McCormick Taylor

Paul Hlvankia and Jonathan Rice, Maryland Department of Environment


Meeting Maryland water quality standards while performing earth workhas been an on-going challenge for numerous projects throughout the state. This has resulted in various owners, contractors, and developers seeking utilization of flocculants to treat their discharge to avoid violation. However, this has proved challenging as the use of flocculants has historically not been an approved method and has potentially put the projects at risk of being in violation. Join the group as they discuss the pros and cons of using flocculants, and the research behind it all.

schlicht otto 1
Otto Schlicht
hurt steve
Steve Hurt

Maryland’s Water Quality Protection Regulations

September 19 | 11:30-12:15 PM | Francis Scott Key C/D

Steve Hurt, McCormick Taylor


This presentation will provide an overview of the origins, conflicts, and overlaps among responsible agencies and their regulations. Engineers and designers may become frustrated meeting the sometimes conflicting and often misunderstood regulations of different state agencies responsible for environmental protection. This presentation will provide insight into the development of the regulations guiding the agencies, provide recommendations for navigating the challenges of differing agency requests, and suggest ways to work together to promote improvements within Maryland’s regulatory environment.

Environmental Compliance Tracking 

September 19 | 11:30-12:15 PM | Francis Scott Key E/F

William Meredith and Ben Morrow, McCormick Taylor


This presentation will provide an overview of the development and implementation of applications for tracking environmental compliance for owners and operators. The constantly changing regulatory environment presents significant challenges for owner/operators to efficiently and effectively deliver projects on time and within budget while also maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental rules and regulations. This regulatory environment, combined with the need to renew and upgrade aging infrastructure with limited funding opportunities, often makes environmental compliance a challenge. Owner/Operators are faced with ever increasing attention focused on environmental compliance. A strong construction oversight environmental compliance program that includes compliance tracking tools is needed as the pace of construction has escalated and compliance requirements evolved.


This presentation will provide an overview of successful "Environmental Compliance Program" tools that have been developed over the years for various industries and clients. Environmental Construction Oversight Program tracking tools create compliance assurance reporting mechanisms and provide the ability for the boots on the ground environmental monitoring staff to relay the myriad of environmental issues that can arise during construction. The presentation will go step by step through the process that was developed to integrate environmental monitoring tools and into environmental compliance construction programs. The presentation will demonstrate the tools that have been developed to maintain the required project documentation and compliance reporting. A key component to the development of a successful Compliance Program is the development and utilization of a web-based multi-user Environmental Compliance Tracking Tools that are the central location of all environmental documentation, including inspection reports.

meredith billy
William Meredith
ben morrow deputy director energy services
Ben Morrow