The St. Denis Fun Fair, a long-standing Havertown, PA tradition, holds a special place in Chris Gorski's heart. As an active member in the St. Denis Parish for over 40 years and chairman of the Fun Fair committee, Chris, Manager of ITS and Lighting in our Philadelphia office has seen countless families, community members, and visitors enjoy the church carnival. The eight-day event raises money for the Cardinal Foley School and the parish. Each year, the carnival’s board is committed to making improvements to the infrastructure that has been overlooked in the past.


“For our 50th anniversary celebration, I worked with our board to honor past parishioners and founders for all of their hard work over the years, including my dad who was a co-chair from the 1970s through the 1990s,” said Chris.

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The St. Denis Fun Fair isn’t just a tradition for members of Havertown — it’s also a Gorski family tradition. From a 2018 Philadelphia Inquirer article about the fair, Vince Gorski, Chris’ father, “couldn’t help but pass along his obsession to his seven kids.” Chris has shown his passion and dedication to the organization in many ways, including creating handmade carnival games like Plinko and a SEPTA-inspired game of chance.  


McCormick Taylor’s support of the St. Denis Parish extends back to Thomas McCormick, a company founder and lifetime member of the Parish. To commemorate the donation, the McCormick Taylor logo is proudly displayed on the Fun Fair sponsors page and will be featured on a banner at the fair. This year, the donation from McCormick Taylor’s charity committee will go towards purchasing a pizza oven, a printer for back-office operations, and repairs for some of the carnival games. 


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