On Wednesday, October 12, Environmental Scientist Megan Welling joined David Hinchey, Environmental Project Manager at PSEG Fossil, for a breakout session at the MD-DC Utilities Association’s 2016 Environmental Conference. The presentation explored the independent environmental monitoring program for PSEG’s Keys Energy Center project in Prince George’s County, MD. The new power plant will bring 755 megawatts of highly efficient generating capacity to the state, enough to power 500,000 homes.


As the independent environmental monitor for the project, McCormick Taylor acts as the “eyes and ears” of the regulating agencies during all phases of construction. Megan also works onsite with assistance from the McCormick Taylor team to provide local knowledge to support the environmental management and compliance of the site and associated infrastructure (water, sewer, and natural gas pipeline).


The PSEG Keys Energy Center, owned by PSEG Fossil, a subsidiary of PSEG Power, represents an $825-$875 million investment and is targeted to be in operation in 2018.