Safety evaluations are critical to roadside utility projects. For example, when a utility replaces wooden poles with larger steel structures in an urban area, an evaluation is performed to assess clear zone, line of sight, and other safety considerations per the local regulatory agency guidelines and requirements.


McCormick Taylor's Traffic Engineering team helps our clients incorporate safety considerations into their design. We assist our clients by evaluating the safety and potential impacts of proposed transmission line poles along public roadways by reviewing existing plans, survey information, and right-of-way. We perform field visits to assess the existing transmission line infrastructure and take measurements, photographs, and notes to identify possible issues with the placement of new poles, including clear zone and sight distance impacts. We also analyze historic crash data along the roadways to determine any existing safety trends and we research planned or ongoing roadway and development projects that may affect the design and location of proposed poles.


For each pole location that may potentially be problematic, we develop cost-effective mitigation recommendations and summarize our study efforts in an easy-to-read report format for review by the project team. We then discuss the report findings with the client and work to minimize the need for additional right-of-way or utility easements. Upon completion of construction, McCormick Taylor reviews the as-built plans and certifies that they are consistent with the report and design.


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With 25 years of experience, Bryan’s traffic engineering expertise includes intersection/interchange, roundabout, corridor, and network operational analysis, accident, queuing, delay, speed, and travel time studies, and manual and automated classification, turning movement, and occupancy data collection. Additionally, Bryan has extensive experience in traffic engineering design, including signal and interconnect, signing, pavement marking, and maintenance of traffic plan preparation. His experience includes projects located in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.