McCormick Taylor embraces the celebration of Pride and is committed throughout the year to inclusion that spans age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and physical and mental ability. Our focus is on building a culture that promotes, supports, and values the diverse backgrounds and voices of our employees so that everyone can succeed. In celebration of Pride month, our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee asked our staff to share what Pride means to them. Because we are all unique individuals, Pride can mean something different to each of us.


"Pride means living a life that is authentic to you! Choosing to love yourself and everyone around you in the way that they want and deserve, each and every day. I celebrate with lots of color, love, energy, and friends! D.C. Pride is always a staple of our Pride-month festivities. Surrounding ourselves with unmatched support from the people closest to us is truly the best feeling."


-Tori H.

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"Pride to me means supporting my sister in being her authentic self and standing by her 365 days a year! It’s also about celebrating LGBTQIA+ history, fighting discrimination, and honoring differences."


-Heather H.

"For me, Pride is continuously educating and engaging with folks from all sorts of backgrounds and identities. Educating myself has been critical to me being an ally to those close to me not accepted by their families, their surroundings, or our government. To be the support and kind of ally I want to be to my friends means I will never be done learning."


-Katrina B.

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"Having both family and many close friends part of this community, Pride to me means that people who identify this way have the same freedoms, opportunities, safety, and support as myself and don't have to live in fear."


-Dawn B.

"To me, Pride means showing my support and allowing people in the LGBTQIA+ community the opportunity to feel safe to be themselves and live authentically."


-Amanda L.

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