Assistant Director, Water Resources

  • Education

    B.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Delaware, 2002

  • What are some of your hobbies?

    Gardening, collecting bourbons and tasting them, and cigars.

  • What’s something you’d like to learn?

    How to create my own in-home distillery so I can craft my own whiskey.

  • What’s something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

    I am an identical twin! My brother also is an engineer, and we went to the University of Delaware together and roomed together for all four years.

  • Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?

    The bowels of the Hoover Dam. As a water resources engineer, I really geeked out on that tour.

  • What are three things you can’t live without?

    1. My family: Abby, my daughter, and Jennifer, my wife. 2. My pets (2 German Shepherds (Angel and Loca), 4 Cats, (Basil, Ash, Luna, and Daisey) and 2 turtles (Jimmy and Shelly)) 3. Mountain Dew


As an Assistant Director of Water Resources in our Columbia, South Carolina office with over 20 years of experience, Jason has a lot of roles to fill, from managing projects and providing construction oversight to getting his hands dirty doing some designs. His background is in hydrology, hydraulics, highway drainage, low impact design, stormwater management design and permitting, and erosion and sediment control design and permitting.


Jason also does a lot of business development work including developing proposals for new projects, meeting with and establishing relationships with firms we could team with on various multi-discipline pursuits, and meeting with current and potential clients to establish relationships that will aid us in being selected for a future project. Jason considers his most important role to be building McCormick Taylor’s positive image, name recognition, and brand in South Carolina through social media posts, presenting at conferences, and being actively involved in professional organizations.


Jason’s favorite part of his job is the diversity in the type of work he gets to do; no one day is like another. No project is ever like a previous project, from watershed plans that create a roadmap to restore a watershed’s water quality or flood mitigation and traditional roadside drainage projects. He also enjoys the people that he gets to work with at McCormick Taylor.


Currently, Jason is working on the City of Aiken’s Sand River Stormwater Implementation Plan where he enjoys engaging with the project’s stakeholders, the use of new technologies (Opti RTC / CMAC), and the scale/size of the project which involves creating a 25 acre-ft underground storage system.


Jason’s favorite McCormick Taylor memory is when owners Pat and Jim rolled out McCormick Taylor’s new brand colors and logo during our annual Employee Recognition Dinner in Philadelphia. “That was truly a re-birthing moment for our firm. The energy in the room was just awesome. Second to that would be the Baltimore Office Holiday Parties in the 2000s…”


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