McCormick Taylor strives to cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment. Our commitment to inclusion spans age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and physical and mental ability. Our focus is on building a culture that promotes, supports, and values the diverse backgrounds and voices of our employees so that everyone can succeed.



Many of McCormick Taylor’s employees give back to their communities in different ways. Over the years, we realized that the passion our people have for the charities and organizations they care about help shape their personalities and drive them to succeed.


Our Charity Committee is responsible for reviewing requests for charitable donations and allocating funds on behalf of the company. It's a reflection of our employees—their passions, their communities, and their families. By becoming involved with these charities, we grow closer to our employees and the places we call home.

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Our multi-tiered QA/QC program is founded on the basic principles of effective and efficient communication, increased accountability, and ensuring the quality of the work that we produce is of the highest caliber. The program concentrates on quality deliverables and excellent customer service, focusing on the following:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership vision for the direction of the company
  • Engagement of staff in all steps
  • Defined process approach
  • Provisions for continual improvement
  • Evidence‐based decision making

The completion of a successful project requires thorough planning, communication, organization, and execution. The McCormick Taylor QA/QC Policy outlines the QA/QC procedures required by the company to assist in delivering a successful project. Acknowledging an understanding of the requirements of the Policy is a requirement for employment at McCormick Taylor.

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As detailed in our Health and Safety Policy, McCormick Taylor ensures the competence of personnel to carry out their designated function which includes suitable training to safely perform assigned work.


Our Safety Coordinator identifies, updates, and monitors training for employees. Supervisors ensure all employees assigned to their project complete applicable training and ensure all employees assigned to their project are trained in applicable procedures until they are competent.


McCormick Taylor developed a Safety App in 2020 for our field staff to use prior to each workday. We will use this app to continually adapt to changing conditions in the environments we live and work in.

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We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and attain equal access to healthy air, water, and land through the adoption of workplace sustainable practices and source reduction initiatives, education of our employees on environmentally sound practices, and involvement in community greening events.


Our professionals share a passion for helping our clients meet and exceed their regulatory compliance goals. We focus on understanding the planning and implementation of new and changing requirements through ongoing contact and dialogue with agency personnel and industry colleagues. 

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