McCormick Taylor formed an internal team of content specialists, graphic designers, and website developers to deliver a five-phased approach focused on collaboration with ALCOSAN to redesign their website. 



The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), Pennsylvania’s second largest sanitary facility, is undergoing significant physical and operational changes due to a Federal Consent Decree and resulting Clean Water Plan. While the completion of this historic expansion and modernization effort is slated for completion some 20 years from now, ALCOSAN’s ability to communicate with customers during this time will be critical.


As such, ALCOSAN realized it was imperative to modernize their website, which was designed more than a decade ago. The previous website content was difficult to update, the site navigation was cumbersome for users, and it was not mobile friendly. 

existing site
The existing website
evaluation planv3


This critical website redesign was McCormick Taylor’s first assignment with ALCOSAN. We created an internal team of content specialists, graphic designers, and website developers to deliver a five-phased approach focused on collaboration with ALCOSAN.


This began with the Discovery Phase, which included a full website assessment aimed at acquiring in-depth knowledge of organizational needs, gaining a broader understanding of the target audience and website users, and determining a technical foundation for the new website’s infrastructure.


This was accomplished by working with ALCOSAN’s website Steering Committee, conducting a series of interviews with ALCOSAN staff representing 12 departments and the executive office, and thoroughly reviewing the existing website content, resources, and architecture.


As a result, 10 primary needs were identified and utilized to guide the remaining development phases: Design, Testing/Launch, Training, and Post Launch & Maintenance. Collaboration continued throughout the design phase to develop and repackage content, as well as to identify ALCOSAN’s design/branding preferences. Using mood boards, wireframes, and a functional prototype, the team established the style and function for the new website.


ALCOSAN publicly launched the new on January 7. McCormick Taylor was able to develop a new website that adeptly conveys the new image that ALCOSAN is working diligently to portray as the implementation of the Clean Water Plan progresses. The site is also comparable, if not better, in appearance and functionality than ALCOSAN’s peers on a statewide and national level. It provides much improved navigation, design continuity, and effectively highlights the importance of the daily work ALCOSAN does.


Additionally, the site is mobile friendly, allows for electronic form submission and the ability to submit online inquiries to specific departments or divisions, and is compliant with current website accessibility standards. Furthermore, the new site utilizes a content management system that provides greater content control for the Authority’s employees. With training provided by McCormick Taylor, ALCOSAN will be able to easily and independently maintain and update the website for years to come.