McCormick Taylor provides environmental compliance monitoring to help our clients navigate and maintain compliance with various environmental regulations.



The impacts to natural resources and local communities have reached the forefront of the discussion around the future of energy infrastructure. The demand for new and improved energy infrastructure seems to parallel the need for clean and responsible construction. The intersection between the two can be difficult to find. With so much variability among the best management practices for working in and around sensitive natural resources, and among the agencies that regulate them, it can be challenging for companies to ensure they are being as environmentally responsible as possible while meeting consumer demands.

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McCormick Taylor understands how environmental compliance can impact a project’s timeline and budget. We're also familiar with the harmful effects to natural resources that can occur when environmental commitments are not managed correctly. Our staff of trained scientists and environmental compliance specialists work hard to understand the entire scope of a project, including the potential impacts to the natural resources and communities surrounding the project and the nature of the environmental requirements, before boots hit the ground.    


We work to establish collaborative, non-combative relationships with stakeholders, project team members, contractors, and regulatory agencies to avoid potential issues before they arise, and facilitate fast and smooth resolution in the event of issues. 


McCormick Taylor’s reporting and data management capabilities enable us to provide our clients with detailed and accurate information relative to all aspects of environmental compliance on a given project in a prompt and organized fashion. McCormick Taylor strives to provide consistency among the staff assigned to a project in order to form a strong project team and maintain working relationships for the entire duration of a project.



McCormick Taylor has become a favorite of our clients and regulatory agencies alike by providing both with a high level of comfort that their commitments and requirements are being met and managed effectively. Through our environmental compliance services, we have been able to improve our clients’ relationships with regulatory agencies, maximize their access to information about their projects and contractors, and ultimately complete their projects efficiently and responsibly.

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