The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has created a Local Aid Resource Center (LARC) to support local public agencies, fulfilling a pledge to offer proactive assistance. 



The New Jersey Department of Transportation Division of Local Aid and Economic Development works with county and municipal government officials to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state’s transportation system. New Jersey has a unique transportation system where 91% of all roads are locally (county or municipal) owned. This high percentage of local infrastructure, combined with the Department’s understanding of necessary partnership with local communities, lead to the launch of their Commitment to Communities initiative. This initiative assists the 565 municipalities and 21 counties, or Local Public Agencies (LPAs), in advancing focused investments to produce successful projects. The range in size, finances, and staff experience across these LPAs result in a spectrum of project delivery understanding and efficiency for a NJDOT Local Aid project. The Resource Center was created from the Commitment to Communities initiative to serve as a centralize source of information for LPAs and a direct connection to a team of experts ready to provide the necessary resources to help improve delivery of projects statewide.

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McCormick Taylor created an online Resource Center for NJDOT Local Aid. We will be continuing to work with NJDOT Local Aid and local municipalities to further their “Commitment to Communities” but this was the first step.


The goal of the resource center is to improve timely delivery of projects and have a central location for information sharing. This will aid each municipality by providing easily accessible information and education about NJDOT’s requirements and procedures for the Project Delivery Process. The Local Aid Resource Center will also serve as a communications and community outreach resource for municipalities to better communicate and gain consensus on project goals to hopefully improve grant applications and construction-ready projects.


As many of us have experienced, communication is the key to success. The Resource Center team will continue to communicate with LPAs, collect feedback to create resources, and meet with individual municipalities to assist their specific needs. These efforts will result in better understanding of the overarching ideas of planning and project prioritization to create successful projects. The Resource Center efforts will see an improvement in grant applications and project delivery rates statewide.  Ultimately, higher project delivery rates will expand, enhance the quality, and improve the safety of the New Jersey transportation system.

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