McCormick Taylor, Inc. supported MDOT SHA by providing design and
construction services from concept to final construction closeout for this safety and infrastructure improvements project.



The MD 30 Business corridor stretches 2.1 miles, serves 22,000 average daily vehicles, and connects many commuters from north Carroll County and Pennsylvania to major destination points to the south. The challenge was to provide the Town of Hampstead with an improved roadway, pedestrian facilities, and stormwater management system while also maintaining their small-town ambiance and accommodating daily users and businesses. Many of the water and sewer lines were dated back to the 1930s and needed to be replaced. Storm drain system improvements involved coordination and consideration for the design of a proposed waterline, a high-pressure bypass gas main and a local gas main, sanitary sewer, traffic signal, and interconnect improvements. Maintenance of traffic was a significant challenge due to the extensive amounts of underground utility relocation work that was necessary.

5 4 mt photo 4 micro bio facility at south end of project limits


McCormick Taylor coordinated major roadway and utility improvements by holding monthly partnering meetings and utility coordination meetings. The partnering meetings were held to keep all parties communicating and informed throughout the design phase. These meetings provided critical opportunities for the Town of Hampstead, the Hampstead Business Association, and MDOT SHA’s support divisions to discuss and provide feedback related to potential issues with the design, scheduling, submissions, and reviews. Utility coordination meetings were also held frequently during the design phase of the project and were key to its’ success. Coordination with Baltimore Gas & Electric, Carroll County, and the Town of Hampstead was crucial to developing the final design of the new underground gas main, new drainage network, and upgrades to the existing water and sewer lines. Public meetings were also held to keep the residents and businesses informed about the reasons for the project and how it would affect their homes and storefronts. These constant coordination efforts helped deliver a successful design and ultimately led to a completed product that pleased the various stakeholders.


As part of the design, McCormick Taylor developed a solution to satisfy the stormwater management requirements using pervious concrete for portions of the proposed sidewalk. At the time, the use of pervious pavement was a new and innovative alternative to standard treatment of stormwater runoff and was one of the first applications along a proposed MDOT SHA roadway. The need for upgrades to the existing storm drain system required both inlet relocations and the addition of new inlets and storm drainpipes to provide adequate collection of the roadway runoff. 

5 6 mt photo 6 pervious sidewalk cluster mailbox pedestrian lighting and bumpout
street view at jiffy mart


The completed $35 million project has improved the Town of Hampstead’s main commercial street. Moreover, the upgrades have provided the Town with the ability to grow as a destination in Carroll County and to provide its residents and business with the facilities necessary to thrive as a community.



2022 National Recognition Award, ACEC National

2022 Honor Award, ACEC/MD

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