McCormick Taylor has supported Renewables projects throughout the Eastern U.S.

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Offshore Wind Project OREC Bid Application Support and Alternative Route Analysis, Confidential Client

McCormick Taylor supported an Offshore Wind Project’s bid at Offshore Renewable Energy Certificate/Credits (OREC). Our responsibilities included:

  • Preparing the following sections of the OREC Application: Permitting Plan, Permitting Schedule and Matrix, Decommissioning Plan, and Environmental and Health Benefits. The Permitting Schedule was developed following Executive Order 13807 time-frames.
  • Reviewing the proposed onshore transmission routes, interconnection facilities, and offshore resources. The Onshore Route Review includes the analysis of local, state, and federal permitting requirements, potential resource impacts, and potential opportunities and constraints.
  • Provided support reviewing the proposed offshore subsea transmission routes by identifying offshore resources (Coastal and Terrestrial Habitats, Benthic Habitats and Shellfish, Essential Fish Habitat, Marine Mammals, Sea Turtles, Sand/Borrow/Aliquots, Commercial and Recreational Fishing Grounds and other Marine uses) and permitting/stakeholder coordination requirements.
  • Gathering the alignment and resource GIS data and developing an interactive GIS mapping application as part of the Alternative Route Analysis.
  • Providing regulatory guidance and support. 
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Offshore Wind Project Evaluation, Confidential Client, Atlantic Coast

McCormick Taylor is providing ongoing support for an Offshore Wind Project off of the Atlantic Coast. Our responsibilities included conducting a due diligence review through the development of a permit/licensing matrix identifying permitting and licensing requirements, current status, and an analysis of potential opportunities and constraints with the Project. Documents reviewed during the due diligence included the Project’s Site Assessment Plan (SAP), the Project’s Construction and Operation Plan (COP), publicly available BOEM Draft EISs, and local, state, and federal permit applications.


In addition, McCormick Taylor was tasked with developing data requests during the Project review through a Technical Query Register. We provided an independent review of the project by identifying challenges and opportunities based upon our experience supporting the development of complex energy infrastructure in the Coastal region of the project. We also supported the project with recommendations and guidance at the local, state, and federal levels.

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Solar Array Project, Somerset County, MD

McCormick Taylor provided environmental monitoring services for a 40 MW Solar Plant on an approximately 168-acre site. Our responsibilities included providing onsite Environmental Monitoring services to include compliance with the approved erosion and sediment control plan, NPDES General Permit for the Discharge of Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity, and nontidal wetlands permit issued. Additionally, our work included the required weekly and post-rain event self-monitoring inspections, oversight for the prevention of sediment pollution to waters of the State, and regulatory coordination.


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Solar Site Wetlands Assessments and Civil/Site Services, NJ

McCormick Taylor, Inc. performed wetland site assessments for three proposed solar sites in New Jersey. We identified the approximate locations of regulated wetlands and waterways on subject project parcels based on GIS mapping tools and reviewed GIS data, including County, State, and Federal databases. The prepared mapping was field-verified by visiting each site to corroborate data.


The Confidential Client also proposed to construct a solar array located in Franklinville, New Jersey. For the project, McCormick Taylor was responsible for preparing engineering plans, topographic survey plans, confirming wetlands, permitting, publicly available information due diligence, and construction completion assistance.


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Solar Array Project, Charles County, MD

McCormick Taylor provided Tier II water quality monitoring services for a proposed solar array project in Charles County, Maryland, which crossed a watershed associated with a Tier II (High-Quality Waters) stream. As such, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and the Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) as part of the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity process, required the completion of pre-construction biological monitoring.


McCormick Taylor performed pre-construction biological monitoring services using Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) methods for physical habitat, in-situ water chemistry, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish. Additional services included agency coordination, the development of a biological monitoring plan, and a final report summarizing the biological and habitat conditions upstream and downstream of the project. McCormick Taylor was also tasked to provide Environmental Compliance services during construction activities.