McCormick Taylor provides supplemental on- or offsite staff with a targeted skill set to navigate new regulations or manage project requirements to see projects through to completion. 



As energy markets continue to expand, clients are faced with the challenges of working with new regulations/agencies as their territories grow, while balancing ever-changing project demands.


McCormick Taylor offers another perspective and bring established relationships with regulators to the project. We have a large technical pool and expert resources to pull from, depending on a project's demands. Our staff excels in working collaboratively with the team to support and/or manage all project elements such as:

  • Coordinating with project staff on scheduling, environmental/site inspection needs, variances, plan changes, issue resolution, and agency concerns
  • Coordinating and tracking various metrics such as project type, project status, compliance status, NOV’s, compliance deviations, agency inspections, permit requirements, project and permit milestones, needs for project close-out, post-construction site restoration, reporting and correspondence submittals, spill response, compliance trends, and staff assignments
  • Local, State, and Federal Permitting expertise
  • Consultation and plan review during project planning and permitting phases
  • Coordinating with consultants and sub-contractors; producing scope of works and reviewing sub-contractor submittals
  • Performing workload analyses to determine needs for additional field staff
  • Performing audits of field staff
  • Developing, tracking, and managing project budgets
  • Conducting field reviews and completing site inspections
  • Leading Agency coordination and developing permitting support
  • Reviewing/Revising Testimony in support of Public Service Commission Application/Petitions
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When dealing with limited resources, new regulations, and aggressive project timelines, we can support your team through staff augmentation. McCormick Taylor’s industry knowledge, technical experience, and access to additional resources successfully drive a project through completion.