McCormick Taylor employees have transitioned into the new normal of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the changes, our staff finds ways to stay productive, healthy, and connected. Below is a day in the life of Vittorio Anepete, a Senior Project Manager of Transportation Engineering in our Mount Laurel, NJ office.

What does a standard day-to-day look like for you now that you are working from home?

It’s pretty similar, except I’m wearing my headset a lot more. I use my previous commute time to have coffee and breakfast with the family where before I would just take my coffee to go. I still try to wear a collared shirt like I’m going to work and hug the kids goodbye, but my commute is down the hall. I think that helps them understand that I’m still at work even though I’m home.


How does your new routine compare to a typical workday in the office?

A lot more communication. My group has a morning call to go over workload and any issues. Then there are more detailed one-on-one project discussions. We have a Project Manager staff meeting in the afternoon, followed by more end-of-the-day updates and recaps with some of my staff. A lot of this interaction was already happening organically on a typical day, now it’s mostly scheduled.


How has McCormick Taylor supported your transition to working from home?

Our IT Department has really answered the call. Within a day of the announcement that we were shifting to a remote work policy, we had laptops configured and delivered to the office or remote desktop access available for all of our staff. I couldn’t imagine going through this in the pre-Fuze era. Our Director and Assistant Director have been super accessible. They have really made a point to keep everyone up to speed with the frequent changes.

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What has been your favorite part of working from home so far?

When it’s not raining, I've enjoyed having lunch outside with my kids. I’ve been showing my oldest, Luca, how fun it is to race to see who can pick up sticks the fastest. The little one, Ellis, is on to me.


What’s something new that you have learned during this time?

I’ve learned how sourdough bread is made without yeast and that you can make a “starter” from grapes…by watching my wife do it. I’ve learned that I love fresh bread, pretzels, pasta, and cinnamon buns. I bought 40 pounds of flour at Costco…not kidding. My wife probably won’t ask me to do the shopping again. But seriously, I’ve learned that my wife has a pretty hard job raising two kids and still trying to work from home, but she does a great job.


How are you staying connected to your coworkers?

The morning "home room" meetings have been a good way to make sure everyone is on the same page and has what they need. Video makes a huge difference and the occasional virtual happy hour has also been fun.


What's the first thing you want to do when you return to the office?

Hit up Chipotle for lunch…maybe spring for the guac.