Moms are some of the hardest-working people in the world. Being a parent is a job itself, but moms manage to juggle their career, parenthood, and so much more with ease.


McCormick Taylor is dedicated to improving the life aspect of the work-life balance for all of our employees, especially parents who already make sacrifices for their children. In honor of Mother's Day on May 12, we asked a few McCormick Taylor moms three questions:

1) What does McCormick Taylor do to help you improve your work-life balance?

2) How does McCormick Taylor's flexibility help you spend more time with your child(ren)?

3) Do you have any advice for new moms in the workforce?

Lindsay Nicoll, Manager, Environmental Restoration

1) McCormick Taylor encourages me to bring my whole self to work. Part of my identity now is that I am a working mom. I have to thank Pat and Jim for bringing in Sam and Diana to support our cultural and leadership development. Diana has been a lifeline for me as I grow in the role of working mom.


2) Between leave time, work schedule flexibility, and just total support from leadership, I feel very fortunate. Flexibility in my work schedule alone allows me to shift my daily schedule around to find balance in my day with my son and work. Also, my son has so wonderfully shared his daycare germs with me and my wife. Between caring for him and taking care of ourselves, the sick leave is definitely needed. The overall flexibility is greatly appreciated.


3) Personally, it was most helpful for me to connect with coworkers and even clients around our shared working parent experience.


Afton Pascal, CPSM, Assistant Director, Marketing

1) McCormick Taylor truly values people. With that comes an understanding that each and every one of our employees has a life outside of the office. Working for a company that not only recognizes this, but also celebrates it, gives me the flexibility to do what I need to without compromising my work or family's needs. 


2) I quickly learned after having children that my vacation time and sick time are no longer solely mine—they're also my children’s time. But being able to use it for them, whether it’s to take them to the doctor or to stay home with them is valuable. Working at McCormick Taylor means not having to choose work or family, you’re able to have both. I also appreciate the company’s efforts for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Being able to show my kids what I do on a day-to-day basis and share my work life with them helps blur the line between work and life.


3) Returning to work after welcoming a new baby can be a really challenging time, but rest assured it does get easier. I take pride in knowing that by following my own passion, I’m setting an important example for my children to do the same.   


Melissa Thomas, PE, Transportation Engineer III

1) McCormick Taylor has allowed me to work a flexible schedule when needed. This has been tremendously helpful to allow me to care for my kids when they are sick or schedule those doctor appointments that are almost always during traditional business hours.


2) I use my sick days for my kids more than myself. 


3) Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Just take things one day at a time and find a schedule that works for you and your family. I cried at daycare drop-off every day for the first three weeks back from maternity leave with my first son. It was definitely harder on me than him.