McCormick Taylor created a series of educational archaeology videos for PennDOT District 12 in order to mitigate the adverse effect on J.B. Fulton #2 Site, 36WH0458, in relation to the SR 0519/1055 Intersection Reconstruction Project. The videos highlight a nearby archaeological site in data recovery for the SR 0519 K20 Improvement Project. 


The video series includes three videos ranging from three to five minutes in length. The intended purpose of the videos is to provide the results of agency-funded archaeological data and research as an easily digestible, readily available, and, ultimately referable format for the public, contractors, and related environmental agencies. McCormick Taylor provided project management, creative direction, videography, graphic design, video production, editing and animation, and script writing services for the videos.


To ensure that the content in each video was accurate and potentially useful, the videos were developed in close coordination with consulting party members, including PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Federal Highway Administration, Seneca Nation, Delaware Tribe THPO, Shawnee Tribe, Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma THPO, and the PA Archaeological Council.


The videos are focused on the following topics and information:

Video 1: Transportation and Archaeology

As the first in the series, video 1 focuses on why archaeology is important and how it fits into transportation design. It also shows how the excavation and analysis of project sites and artifacts can help to tell the story of human history and pre-history.

Video 2: How an Archaeological Study is Completed

Video 2 describes the process PennDOT follows to protect and preserve archaeological artifacts and features. Often conducted under the auspices of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, PennDOT archaeological investigations help fill in the gaps of our understanding of peoples past and present, while helping to preserve that knowledge for the public.

Video 3: Digging Deeper into Archaeology: Tribal Connections

Video 3 documents how archaeological sites and tribal voices help to tell the story of past peoples on an FHWA-funded and PennDOT-sponsored archaeological survey of a project located in PennDOT Engineering District 12, Washington County, PA.