Since 2015, The Next Step Programs has been committed to creating opportunities for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they transition out of high school into adulthood. The organization works with individuals, families, employers, and school systems to remove barriers that restrict the disability community from accessing employment, education, and social experiences.


Charles Richmond, Senior Historian in our Harrisburg office requested funds for the Next Step Programs from McCormick Taylor's Charity Committee.


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Image courtesy of The Next Step Programs

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Image courtesy of The Next Step Programs

He and his family became involved with the Programs in Fall 2022 upon a recommendation from his son’s school autism support class. Charles’ son is a high school student preparing for his next steps. Charles said he requested the funds because of the positive work the organization provides.


“My son, and other young adults like him, face numerous challenges as they complete school. The program provides services that young adults can't find elsewhere and has tremendous value for their lives. In addition, my daughter is a volunteer and enjoys the opportunities to provide support and be a friend for young adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities.”

The Next Steps Programs focus on community engagement, independent living skills (budgeting, cooking, laundry, safety), and employment opportunities. These skills help people with disabilities become active participants in their communities and society.


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