Families Forward Philadelphia (FFP) operates Philadelphia's largest emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness and offers 80 homes in West Philadelphia to help families transition out of housing insecurity. The organization serves over 500 Philadelphia children annually through its slate of programming. Currently, 46 families with 88 youth are in the care of FFP's emergency shelter. 


Mike Lauer requested funds for FFP from McCormick Taylor's Charity Committee. The donation provides families experiencing homelessness with the things most people take for granted. 

As with all non-profits, FFP has been impacted by COVID-19. Youth in the emergency shelter are engaging in at-home schooling with the help of FFP staff. These students are in need of basic school supplies like lap desks. FFP is working hard to renovate their spaces so that students can have comfortable, functioning, and productive workspaces. They are engaging tutors to assist the dozens of students whose family members might go to work and not be able to help them with schoolwork. A donation from McCormick Taylor helps FFP ensure these Philadelphia children are getting the support they need during an already difficult time that is exacerbated by COVID-19.


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About McCormick Taylor's Charity Committee

McCormick Taylor’s Charity Committee helps our employees give back to their communities. By becoming involved with our employees’ different organizations, programs, and charities, we grow closer to our employees and the places we call home.

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*Photos provided by FFP

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