Congratulations to Nabil M. Hourani, PE, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), New Jersey Section, 2023 Civil Engineer of the Year recipient. He received the award and was recognized by his peers at the 47th Annual Awards Dinner on May 11, 2023. The Civil Engineer of the Year award is the Section's highest award and is presented each year to an individual who is judged to have contributed substantially to the civil engineering profession.


Nabil is among McCormick Taylor’s leadership team and serves as a Director of Water Resources Engineering in our Mount Laurel, NJ office. During his thirty-five-year career, Nabil has worked as the lead engineer or lead water resource engineer on a variety of projects throughout New Jersey and with a range of clients, including local counties, agencies, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA).

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Clients have also requested Nabil’s expertise during drainage-related incidents that require immediate attention, which could range from structural failures, natural flood disasters, accidents, or even arson. Nabil is known for his 24/7 availability and response, often developing on-scene emergency guidance and direction, minimizing time when major facilities are compromised, out of service, or otherwise at risk. He is well-versed in securing review agency concurrence, environmental and other permits, which are ultimately needed for project approvals. He is also proficient in a host of simulation methods to model pre- and post-construction flood conditions.


Nabil’s work ethic was instilled in him early having grown up in a small village in Lebanon, where his family placed great emphasis on education and hard work. At the age of 19, Nabil immigrated to the United States, specifically Los Angeles, where he studied English as a second language at Cal State LA. Shortly thereafter, he went on to study civil engineering at the City College of New York (CCNY) and completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees and significant coursework towards a PhD. Demonstrating his commitment to the engineering field, Nabil successfully passed the EIT and PE exams to become a professional engineer. He is an active member of several professional associations including ASCE, ASHE, and ASDSO. Additionally, Nabil has authored and co-authored numerous technical papers and made presentations at various conferences. 

“Nabil’s dedication, design expertise, and hard work in continuous support of the New Jersey engineering community are commendable and befitting of this recognition.”

– Jim Wiggans, CEO, McCormick Taylor