The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) created a new web application for managing traffic signals. Known as the Traffic Signals Asset Management System (TSAMS), the application consolidates information on 8700 traffic signals located on state routes. Prior to its creation, traffic signal information was scattered among paper records at a variety of locations, making it difficult to know the basis on which improvements could be developed and delivered. PennDOT traffic operations staff worked with local partners to gather information on signal equipment, locations, and connections to populate the database.

The TSAMS includes a GIS mapping interface and will have the ability to accept additional data over time on signals at intersections that are located on state routes and local roads. In addition to signals, other assets such as electronic signs, flashing warning devices, and school zone speed limit signs can also be added to the database.


As a subconsultant to Michael Baker International and one of four subconsultants on the TSAMS project across Pennsylvania, McCormick Taylor is involved in developing project communications and marketing materials, collecting signal records from PennDOT district offices, and is now completing signal inspections at over 1500 signals across five PennDOT districts (1, 2, 3, 9, and 10) in over 300 separate municipalities.