Virtual Public Involvement (VPI) provides flexibility and accessibility to supplement or replace traditional in-person gatherings by using online meetings, websites, surveys, interactive mapping, video, visualizations, activities, and/or applications. While social distancing may be the new normal, VPI can bring people together to help keep comfort levels steady, conversations active, and important projects advancing. We're available to answer questions on our VPI Help Line.


Online Meetings

When in-person meetings are not possible, online meetings allow individuals to participate from remote locations in an engaging way, and they offer the unique potential of real-time polling. Common video conferencing tools and pre-recorded presentations offer a wide range of flexibility to presenters and attendees. Encourage participants to register and sign in to track attendance and build a contact list for future outreach.


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In lieu of in-person outreach, websites provide a one-stop-shop for project information, surveys, and other feedback tools. Well-designed and ADA-compliant websites make use of these resources simple, intuitive, and widely accessible.


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Online surveys allow entire communities to offer input over an extended period of time at the individual's convenience. Surveys can be targeted for specific audiences if necessary. Identify exactly what you want to know from your audience and develop your ask in order to obtain specific input.


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Interactive Mapping

Web-based interactive mapping platforms allow the public to share their voice and identify opportunities by pinpointing them on a map, just as they might on a project plan or paper map at an in-person meeting. As with other input collection tools, be sure your mapping tool is intuitive to use.


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When message consistency is a priority and live engagement is a challenge, video is often the best vehicle. The key to producing outstanding video is what goes on behind the scenes well before any cameras start to roll. Take a goal-oriented and strategic approach to production where stakeholders act as members of the team.


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If a photo is worth a thousand words, an infographic is worth a million. Great graphics distill complex ideas to communicate information quickly and succinctly.


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