Senior Structural Engineer

  • What’s your favorite McCormick Taylor memory?

    The second Employee Recognition Dinner (ERD) I went to. It was with my current partner. We had the best time. I have some great pictures of him being a bit nutty.

  • What’s something you’d like to learn?

    Sign Language. I have a friend who is partially deaf.

  • What’s something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

    I was born in West Germany.

  • Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?

    Yellowstone National Park. Knowing you're on top of an active volcano is a bit of trip. Old Faithful is totally worth a look too.


For Gina, a Senior Structural Engineer in McCormick Taylor’s Pittsburgh office, the best part of her job is the start of a project. Gina enjoys the “pure imagination” involved in the beginning of a project and knowing she will have a hand in how it ends up. Seeing what she imagined become a reality in a built environment is her second most favorite part of her job.


In Gina’s 16 years of experience in the industry and 9 years at McCormick Taylor, she has worked on numerous challenging structures including concrete and steel structures, a variety of substructures including spread footings on rock and soil, pile foundations, and integral abutments. She has also designed a number of GRS abutments, soil and rock foundations, roadway sections, slopes, and walls, all in accordance with the latest AASHTO, DM-4, and Bridge Design Standards.  Currently, Gina is working on a particularly complicated and interesting slide project on Chartiers Street, located in Bridgeville Borough, PA. It includes three walls totaling approximately 1000 feet and a roadway realignment. The wall is located just above a project Gina recently supported, the SR 50, Section A28 Project which involved Accelerated Bridge Construction to complete the seven-lane structure replacement.


When Gina is not working, she enjoys watching horror movies and playing video games, sometimes at the same time. The three things she can't live without are her steam deck, giant tea infuser, and hiking shoes.

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