Environmental Planner III

  • What are some of your hobbies?

    Scrapbooking, enjoying musical theater, and going to breweries/trying new beer.

  • What are three things you can't live without?

    Musicals, laughter, and my family—especially our rabbit, Penny!

  • Do you have any goals for this year?

    Practice more self-care.


Molly has always known that she wanted to help save the environment and after graduating with a degree in Environmental Science, she was open to all career possibilities. A recommendation from a family member led her to apply for an open position at McCormick Taylor, and she’s been with the company ever since.


“As my first real job out of college, I wasn’t sure what to expect," Molly said. "But right from the beginning, I really enjoyed the things I got to work on and the people I got to work with.”


Molly is working on a variety of tasks for McCormick Taylor’s energy clients. Among those projects, her favorite is the avian work she’s been a part of. A self-proclaimed bird-lover, Molly observes the behaviors of osprey and takes photos while evaluating the safety of their nests and any potential hazards. “I love that the work typically has tangible results. If we help relocate a nest from a dangerous location, we are helping keep the birds safe. In our follow-up monitoring, we often see that the nest is successful, producing healthy offspring.”


A planner by nature, Molly is the happiest when things are organized and following a schedule. These traits (or, as she says, “quirks”) help her stay on top of all the projects she’s working on, especially the permitting work she does every day. Currently, Molly is assisting with the preparation of an Environmental Review Document (ERD) for an overhead transmission line rebuild project. The document details the existing environmental and socioeconomic conditions for the project and assesses the impact the project might have.


“This type of project combines all the things I love most about permitting,” said Molly. “Organization, analysis, and writing.”


Molly describes McCormick Taylor as a rewarding, collaborative, and innovative place to work and noted the company culture as a unique attribute. 


“It’s a very friendly, family-oriented, and supportive work environment. I always feel supported by my managers and other team members when working on projects. While everyone in the company is often working towards a similar goal, each person has their own unique personality. This diversity strengthens the team and makes working at McCormick Taylor a lot of fun."


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