Manager, Facilities and Safety

  • What are some of your hobbies?

    Hiking, reading, and playing recreational sports.

  • What is something you'd like to learn?

    Woodworking. I enjoy tinkering in my workroom but lack experience in the craft.

  • What is your dream vacation?

    Road tripping from one national park to another while backpacking.


For Matt, Philadelphia’s Facilities and Safety Manager, every day at McCormick Taylor is a surprise. From novel facilities problems that need solutions to coordinating with vendors, no day is the same.


Matt’s knowledge of planning and execution strategy, combined with the experience he gained as a logistics officer in the United States Army, set him up for success when he started at McCormick Taylor in November 2018. At the time, the Philadelphia location was in the construction phase of their new office building. Although most of the plans were already in place by the time Matt joined the team, he played a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition from old to new.


“The actual moving of our office down Market Street and up to the 15th and 16th floors was the sort of logistical enterprise I enjoy participating in. The juggling of so many moving pieces while physically moving some of them myself was a great challenge,” said Matt.


The new Philadelphia office features a game room outfitted with a custom McCormick Taylor shuffleboard. After a few months in the space, Matt noticed some of his colleagues would play a few rounds of shuffleboard during their lunch break. With intentions of using competition to build comradery and cohesion, Matt created a competitive shuffleboard league.


“We are currently heading into the playoffs of the first of what I expect to be many seasons at McCormick Taylor,” said Matt, who currently holds the title of Shuffleboard Commissioner.


When Matt is not solving facilities problems or creating the latest shuffleboard bracket, you can find him at his homemade workbench or spending time with his wife and newborn son. When asked about his transition into fatherhood, Matt recognized McCormick Taylor for the support and flexibility he received, “I enjoy coming to work every day and I’m able to bring the energy needed home to help my family at night.” Matt is also working towards earning his MBA at Temple University.


Looking forward, Matt is excited to start some new projects in 2020, including multiple office moves in Maryland. “There will be months of planning ahead and a few weeks of organized chaos coming soon.”

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