Environmental Scientist I

  • What’s your favorite McCormick Taylor memory?

    The Energy Group had a gathering a few months ago and we did a set of team building exercises, a big rope swing, and a zipline, and I thought it was really nice to see everyone outside of a strictly work environment and get to see how people act in more of their own spaces.

  • Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?

    I went to Costa Rica in 2010(ish) with my family, and it was the most magical experience of my life. They started conservation efforts before most of the world, so have an incredible range of biodiversity (I believe I remember reading that over 20% of the total biodiversity of the world can be found in Costa Rica!). We went snorkeling and I got to swim with sharks, groupers, sea turtles, and an unbelievable array of fish. An amazing experience that I would recommend to absolutely anyone.

  • What are three things you can’t live without?

    First and foremost is my fiancée, Izzy. She’s absolutely everything to me. We also have a little cat inappropriately named Miss Cuddlebug, who is super cute, if not particularly well-behaved. I’m also an enormous sucker for X (formerly Twitter), it’s a terrible website, but I am hopelessly addicted so I think I’ll have to go with that for number three.


Since joining McCormick Taylor in January of 2023 in our Newark, Delaware office, Owen has enjoyed the opportunity to transition his role in a way that better suits his interests and expertise. While he began with a focus on environmental monitoring, Owen soon realized he wanted to contribute more to permitting and CADD work. A year later, Owen’s work primarily includes environmental permitting and erosion and sediment control plan development for transmission line projects in Delaware, Maryland, and a few in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He also assists with wetland delineation when needed to utilize his previous experience.


When asked about his transition, Owen noted, “I really appreciate that there is enough flexibility to accommodate things like that. I feel like I’m valued as a person, and that my questions/comments/concerns are always listened to.” 


One recent project Owen particularly enjoyed involved a salt marsh delineation in eastern New Jersey. The work entailed surveying the marsh on paddleboards to pick up the boundaries of the mud flats. In doing so, he saw dozens of diamondback terrapins in the thoroughfare, which he’d only experienced before once or twice.


When Owen isn’t working you can likely find him playing a lot of board, card, and tabletop games with his fiancée. His games of choice include Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering and the like. He also refers to himself as a “very amateur” game designer. He has created a few games with some success and designed a couple Magic sets which he enjoys discussing with others that are interested.  Additionally, Owen also loves fishing and the opportunity it provides to be outside, slow down, and look at the water.


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