McCormick Taylor's Creative Services Group completed the website design for the Alleghany County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN), Pennsylvania’s second largest sanitary facility. We sat down with Jennifer Threats, Project Manager, Communications Services of our Pittsburgh office, who provided insight into the ALSOCAN website design.

What is the overall goal/purpose of this project?

To modernize the design of ALCOSAN's website and provide a mobile friendly website that would enhance ALCOSAN’s ability to communicate who they are and what they do, significant physical and operation changes related to the Clean Water Plan, business opportunities, customer information, and the availability of educational resources.


Who does this project benefit?

ALCOSAN’s customer and partner organizations, which includes 83 municipal service communities, related business and industry communities, and local educators.


Did any unforeseen challenges arise? How did you resolve them?

Not really. There were some technical challenges on the backend of the design, but Amanda Shafer was dedicated throughout to finding solutions to make things work. Her efforts were impressive for sure.


What was your favorite aspect of this project?

I enjoyed the creativity involved in the project and collaborating with our talented creative team. The collaboration led to new and exciting things that we haven’t been able to do before. 


What components of this project highlight the talents and capabilities of McCormick Taylor? This project in its entirety reflects the cutting edge talents of our website developers, our advanced graphic design capabilities, and our organizational and creative content management abilities.


Anyone you would like to give a shout out to for their work on this project? 
This truly was a team effort from Amanda Shafer, Jessica Wiggans, Dena Galie, Dana Lohrer, Carrie Machuga, Lugene Keys, and others. They all put a lot of heart and soul into the project.


What project are you looking forward to next?

Not sure. I would have to say any project that allows us to put our creative talents to work like this one did.


To learn more about the ALSOCAN website design, visit the project page here.