PennDOT selected McCormick Taylor in 2016 to perform preliminary engineering, environmental studies, and final design for this project that includes the reconstruction of the Eisenhower Interchange and portions of U.S. 322, I-283, and Eisenhower Boulevard.


We sat down with Becky Mease, PE, and Lugene Keys to learn more about the Planning & Communications aspect of this important project.


What about the project highlights McCormick Taylor’s talents?
This is a signature project for McCormick Taylor. I-83 affords us the opportunity to employ multiple disciplines working together on what is likely one of the largest projects to be completed in PennDOT’s Engineering District 8. We are able to showcase our engineering design capabilities, environmental and archaeology expertise, planning, public outreach, communications, and creative services capabilities.


Have you come across any challenges or concerns while working on this project?

There are many challenges on a project of this type and size, but that’s what makes it so interesting. From a public outreach perspective, we have a very large and culturally diverse audience. The individuals that travel the project corridor are just as important as the physical communities – businesses and residential – that surround it.


What’s your favorite part of the project?

My favorite part of the project is seeing the physical construction of what we’ve designed, the fruits of all our labor!


What has the feedback been like from the community?

We’ve held a public meeting, a public hearing, and many meetings with local officials. Generally, most people who drive the project corridor for any reason agrees there is a need to improve safety and traffic flow throughout the project area.

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