Being quarantined as a result of COVID-19 has many people acknowledging how mothers have always juggled more roles than just that of mom. They're chefs making multiple meals a day. They're engineers designing forts during playtime. They're teachers whose lessons make us who we are.


We believe in putting life first in the work-life balance of all of our employees, especially those who, in addition to their career, spend every day being the best parent they can be for their kids.


In honor of Mother's Day on May 10, we asked a few McCormick Taylor moms three questions:

  • 1. How has the additional time at home been beneficial for you and your family?
  • 2. How has McCormick Taylor supported you balancing full-time parenthood and the demands of work?
  • 3. What has been your favorite project, school lesson, or activity that you’ve done with your kids so far?
emily dolbin

Emily Dolbin, PWS, Manager, Natural Resources

1. It’s amazing being at home with the girls right now (although stressful at times too!), but I’m so incredibly grateful to have more time with my 3½ year old and my 7 month old. These little ones grow up so fast. This time is so precious!


2. Everyone has been so understanding about fitting life and work into the same space. We’ve had the girls on some conference calls, and we’ve been working in the evenings to catch up (if that’s even possible!). Having the flexibility to get work done when we can is one less stressor during this crazy time. The flexibility and understanding from the company, and clients too, has been amazing.


3. We’ve been going on daily walks, and my daughter is obsessed with picking flowers every time we go out. We are teaching her that it’s okay to pick weeds, but not plants that people planted in their garden. It's fun and she might even be learning something! We also have daily lessons on how to write letters and numbers plus Magnatile castles, yoga, tea parties, and bread baking.

Emily Groves, PE, CFM, Project Manager, Water Resources

1. Our son is six months old, so being home with him has been really fun. Watching him change and grow daily has been amazing. My husband and I have been trying to rotate schedules, and while it can be challenging, we have been enjoying every moment we have together as a family. This time at home has made us more patient and has taught us to appreciate the little things.


2. McCormick Taylor has been flexible and has allowed me to put family first. Everyone I have worked with has been understanding of my schedule and has been very supportive.


3. My son is still an infant so we haven’t had any school lessons, but we have experienced some big milestones. He turned six months, started sleeping through the night, sat up for the first time, and has been giggling a ton! I’m so thankful for this time with him.

emily hoffman

Emily Hoffman, PE, PTOE, Manager, Traffic Engineering

1. While working from home, the slower mornings with my family have been so nice. Having more time at home, I’ve been able to witness some of my younger daughter’s milestones.  She’s nine months old, and every week there is something new that I get to experience with her.

2. McCormick Taylor has allowed me to work a very flexible schedule since becoming a mom. I spend Mondays at home with my girls and that time is invaluable to me. Life can be so busy, so I love having a day to just be a mom, play, and hang out with them. The new technology the company has invested in, as well as the understanding from my co-workers (who don’t schedule meetings on Mondays!), definitely makes blending parenthood and work much more seamless.


3. We’ve been doing a lot of baking and taking walks around our neighborhood. I give props to the parents coming up with imaginative things to do during quarantine! 

Nan Krieg, Proposal Coordinator III

1. Every night at the dinner table prior to quarantine, we used to go around and have everyone tell us about their day. Now during quarantine, I already know about everyone’s days because I’ve gotten to be a part of them, and I think that is awesome! While there are certainly challenging times with working from home, watching three kids, and trying to keep the household running, overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this quality family time. It has been great to have a first-hand view of my kids learning new skills, using their imaginations and being inventive, and growing into their little personalities.


2. With the kids’ school and daycare being closed, I have been very appreciative of McCormick Taylor’s relaxed work-from-home approach. I spend a lot of time in the mornings coordinating Zoom calls for classes and working on homework (all while trying to keep the littlest one out of trouble), that I can’t get my work done during a normal 8 to 5 timeframe. McCormick Taylor has allowed me to modify my work schedule to meet my individual needs, while still getting my work done and putting in 40 hours a week.


3. During quarantine, the weather has been phenomenal (“knock on wood”), so I’ve enjoyed being outside with the kids every afternoon. From bike riding and golf carting around the neighborhood to jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing in the sprinklers, and driving power wheels, we have an abundance of activities to do at our house. It is in the afternoon, when schoolwork is over and everyone is in a good mood, that I feel truly blessed for this unique time I’m getting to spend one-on-one with my family.

nan krieg
jenn tan

Jenn Tan, Administrative Assistant II

1. The additional time at home has been beneficial since I don’t have to commute back and forth from work each day. That time is now used to prep dinner early and spend quality time with each other at home.


2. McCormick Taylor has always made it known since the first day I’ve started that they want everyone to be able to comfortably balance work and family, which I appreciate wholeheartedly. I am able to get work done, make it to all of my daughter’s special events, and have our quality mother-daughter time. As a mother, that’s the best feeling in life—not having to miss out!


3. So far, Harley’s art teacher as been assigning fun projects for us to do at home. For the last project we learned about famous artist Keith Haring, which showed us that art can be fun, crazy, and not perfect at all. Harley loved that she was allowed to have free range of colors and patterns just like the artist did in his work.